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Understanding the Burden of Proof in a Criminal Case

13th April 2011
What do you need to prove at a criminal trial? Sometimes, you need not prove anything at all. Every criminal case is different, and the defenses you need to use to combat the charges need to be suitable to it as well. Before you take any step, you need to...
Author: watson23

Differences between a Criminal Case and a Civil Case

21st March 2011
When a society and its government decide that certain conduct is dangerous to citizens, or damaging to the society as a whole, such conduct is labeled a "crime" and is made punishable by sanctions such as fines and imprisonment. Most crimes are identified...
Author: Vikas Gupta

How Does A Deposition Take Place?

07th January 2011
There are three typical ways to hold depositions in a legal case. Depending on the physical location of the parties, their abilities to travel over short or long distances or the need for meeting face to face, the way legal depositions can be held vary fr...
Author: Art Jones

Car Accident Attorneys: Why Are They Important

04th January 2011
Car Accident Attorneys are important to claim as they provide financial support for the destruction which has happened to the victim and his property. Most of the people are injured due to self mistakes and carelessness and hence suffer a loss at both phy...
Author: Frank Murphy

Why Do Lawyers Take Depositions?

18th October 2010
In civil lawsuits, people frequently have their depositions taken. A deposition is a question and answer session under oath between a witness and at least one attorney. When the witness is testifying on behalf of one party, either the plaintiff or the def...
Author: Art Jones
Lemon Law

5 New Tips for Filing an Effective Lemon Law Case

27th August 2010
If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit under your state's lemon law, it is necessary that you have a vehicle that falls into the category of a lemon. Generally, this can be classified as any vehicle with mechanical problems that causes an excess loss ...
Author: stevelasik

What to do if Involved with Pedestrian Accident Cases

29th June 2010
The worst point that can happen to you as a driver is to hit a pedestrian. Pedestrians are totally unprotected so practically any get in touch with with a vehicle will result in serious injuries. The distinction between a two ton vehicle and a normal size...
Author: Hunter Riddle
Personal Injury

Personal Injury Los Angeles: Consult with your injury attorney before it gets too late

22nd June 2010
It only takes a second to occur a personal injury, but may take whole life to heal. In case, an individual is injured due to negligence of others, he/she may seek advice from a personal injury attorney. If a physical injury results or property damage occu...
Author: adam smith
Personal Injury

Understanding Personal Injury Statute of Limitation

13th April 2010
Filing a personal injury lawsuit against an offender is a good idea because you will be able to exercise your rights. However, there are certain limitations and considerations that you should first fulfill to carry on with your complaint. The personal...
Author: Mesriani Law Group
Criminal Law

Criminal Lawyer Shows You the Right Way!

01st April 2010
Criminal Lawyer: What They Do? Contrary to a civil law that mainly includes private law suits between two private parties, Criminal Lawyers represent clients who are accused by the federal government or state authority for a wrongful act. However, it i...
Author: Mark Stylan

How to use a defamation solicitor

02nd March 2010
If someone says something about you that is false, but is implied to be true, this could be termed defamation. If you can prove that the statement is untrue and has caused damage to your reputation, you could make a claim for compensation through the cour...
Author: Ben Letham

Does winning a civil claim guarantee payment?

25th January 2010
If you win your civil case then it is likely that the judge will award damages. What the damages cover will depend on the type of case the judge is dealing with - some civil cases can result in large monetary awards awarded for damage to the claimant's fe...
Author: Ben Letham

How to Prepare for a Georgia Deposition

21st August 2008
Your deposition in a court case may be the first time you've ever been asked to give legal testimony under oath. Because the questions may be very personal and your answers may be important to your case, and because you'll be testifying in a room with you...
Author: stokesinjurylawyers

Secrets Kept From Juries In Personal Injury Cases (Civil Cases)

19th January 2008
Many are more than a little surprised to learn about certain facts and procedures that occur in our legal system which are very common in personal injury claims. One surprising fact is how much information is hidden from the jury. Specifically information...
Author: Christopher M Davis, Attorney At Law