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Breach of Employment Contract

27th June 2012
In the event that you believe that your employer has acted unfairly towards you or has made changes to your work or job without your agreement, then your employer could be legally liable for breach of contract. The employment law in the UK understands...
Author: Clark_Taylor

Contracts of Employment and Types of Employment Contract

26th March 2012
Employment contract is also called the employment document that regulates the employment relationship between employer and employee. It is the right of every citizen to get job without any discrimination on the basis of age, sex, and creed. Employment ag...
Author: Scotlawman

Grievance & disciplinary procedure for an employer and employee

16th February 2012
It is the right to the employer to dismiss a worker based on misconduct. The employment law does not lay down the any statutory procedure about dismissal and disciplinary procedure, but case law has laid down the certain rules that procedure must be fa...
Author: Alex john

Employment Law - The Essentials

10th May 2011
Employment law covers the welfare and equality of employees in any work establishment. Strict guidelines and statutes outline exactly what an employer can and can't do in regards to the work environment and treatment of their employees. For most companies...
Author: JamieRock
Employment Law


30th March 2011
The confederation of British Industry (CBI) has called for the Government to “think small first” and think about reviewing regulations that prevent family owned and one-man companies from creating jobs and growing their business. The CBI released a rep...
Author: Alex Askew
Employment Law

Are You Up To Date on Employment Law?

14th March 2011
Employment law is changing almost constantly. Some changes will have no bearing on your business, but many will, and it is the company’s responsibility to stay up to date rather than someone else’s responsibility to keep them up to date. Not keeping yo...
Author: Alex Fernandez

List Out The Benefit of Hiring No Win NO Fee Employment Solicitors?

25th February 2011
As accident can happen at any place and at any time, so there are actually various advantage of hiring a no win no fee employment solicitors. However, if you get suffered with an accident which was not your fault, you could appeal for compensation claim f...
Author: Nowinnofee01
Employment Law

Employment law, Absence and Performance Management

18th February 2011
On average, an individual’s sickness absence costs an employer £659 a year and is equivalent to 8.4 working days lost. How absence costs a business: Overtime to cover Replacement temporary staff Reduced / delayed production Lower quality or levels ...
Author: jennyhicks
Employment Law

Do not Ignore Employment Laws

20th December 2010
Recently, it's being more important that the employer should be aware of their duties in the middle of a minefield of employment law. Employer may not be aware of the expensive time, resources and reputation. Not only that, but the employment tribunal cas...

Issue Lawful Employee Termination Letter

11th November 2010
In the company or organizations, it is common that, at some point of time, the manger may have to fire a employee for different reasons, such as poor work performance, misconduct, negligence, misconduct, indiscipline and so on. But, can you just terminat...
Author: vipinvijay
Employment Law

Fire health and safety

03rd November 2010
Although there are strict health and safety guidelines laid down by the government relating to fire safety there are still many small to medium sized businesses that may be unaware about the fundamental obligations they have to protect staff in this area....
Author: Dirk Rowell
Employment Law

Employment Lawyers ensure employees’ rights protection

12th October 2010
Employment law protects employees from discrimination, harassment, and hostile work environment by moving a legal lawsuit against the employer. Employment law ensures that the rights of the employees are protected and they receive due compensation, ben...
Author: jlondon law

How to make a claim at a employment tribunal

08th September 2010
Disputes at work that have failed to be resolved within the workplace can be heard at an Employment Tribunal. Although hearings are less formal than a court hearing, the decisions made are legally binding and must be followed. Cases are usually heard by ...
Author: Mason Linger
Employment Law

Use the experts

07th June 2010
Using HR consultancy will help you to learn how best to manage your staff so that your processes are more effective. You can save money and make systems more efficient so that they are more productive. HR consultants will also advise you on how you can co...
Author: Rutland Savour
Employment Law

Employment Law Under Cameron And Clegg

17th May 2010
As David Cameron sets up home in Number 10 we take a look at what implications the General Election result may have on employment law. The coalition between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats marries two very different political ideals. What happens ...
Author: hitsearch
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