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No Win No Fee

String of No Win No Fee Successes for School Staff

30th January 2013
Recent figures have shown that UK teaching staff made over 300 no win no fee claims and won more than 4 million in compensation in 2011. These figures mark a significant rise in claims made by school staff, prompting questions over whether schools are be...
Author: Keylaw
Accident claims

Shaun Marcus in Exchange for Brett Lawrie

04th January 2011
In an trade involving the Toronto Blue Jays and the Brewers, Shaun Marcum will be traded for Brett Lawrie. If this is what the teams want, this is what they get. Both of these mediocre groups are just a few pieces from getting bona fide contenders. Shaun...
Author: Johnny Mayo

How to Get over IRS Tax Problems

24th September 2010
Every day many an individual meets the tax consultants to get out of IRS tax problems. Though the problem is of grave nature but there are some effective solutions to elbow the tax payees out of it. Make sure to follow them and you will certainly heave a ...
Author: angelachristane

How Much is My Hand Injury Claim Worth?

18th May 2009
Today I will be concluding the series of articles that began last week relating to arm injuries. This time we have moved on from the elbow, and the wrist, to the end of the arm - the hand. The hand is the most complex part of the arm, containing 27 bon...
Author: Neil Worrall - Camps Solicitors