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Tax Filing and Payment Extensions Expire Oct. 15; Check Eligibility for Overlooked Tax Benefits; Cho

24th January 2013
The Inner Income Service today advised individuals whose tax-filing expansion operates out on Oct. 15 to verify their profits for often-overlooked tax advantages and then computer file their profits digitally using IRS e-file or the No cost File program. ...
Author: erinburton
Business Law

Understand the Basics of Private Labeling

14th May 2012
The private label products were much popular in the U.S markets today. Almost everyone from the manufacturer, merchants and the consumers were experiencing its benefits. A product that is manufactured by the merchant with their own brand name is commonly ...
Author: jamestroy
Lemon Law

California Puppy Lemon Law

20th October 2011
As lengthy as the initial restore try took place inside of the specified guarantee interval, a leased or obtained motor vehicle can qualify underneath the California Employed Car or truck Lemon Legislation even immediately after that period.Generally, 1 c...
Author: EfrainPrice
Business Law

The Relationship Between UK Trademark Registration And Domain Names

04th August 2011
Trademark registration should not be confused with domain name registration. Registering a domain name does not give you any trademark rights. However, trademark registration, and then purchasing a corresponding domain name may make good business sense. L...
Author: Robert Fogarty
Business Law

Mountain Bikes-Obtain an Old Bicycle and Economize

27th May 2011
There are numerous varieties of bikes is employed by people today. From the young people to older people, plenty of these people want to operate cycles or maybe what we label “bikes”. At this moment, this article will tackle with regards to acquiring moun...
Author: Richard McWhilly
Bankruptcy Law

The Three Best Sectors for Stock Market Speculators this Year

18th February 2011
Very good earnings continue to flow from smaller companies. This is a great sign that the economic recovery is real and not just due to growth in other regions of the globe. The stock market in my view is getting very close to being fully valued, ...
Author: profitconfidential
Copyright & Trademark

Patent Protection and the Role of IP Lawyers

04th January 2011
Depending on the type of IP (intellectual property) that you are wishing to legally protect then a patent application may be the right way forward. A patent protects a new invention and limits the commercial gains to the invention to the inventor. Having ...
Author: Tim Bishop

Advantages of a national brand name registration certificate

04th January 2011
In the USA the trade mark legal rights can be made through adoption of the brand name. What it means is the instant you start using the mark, you get so-called "common law" legal rights. Wonderful news is - you are a mark holder! After I break down it to ...
Author: Ownyourtrademark
Copyright & Trademark

What every business should know about trademarks

28th September 2010
The consistent use of a name is very important in establishing a reputation. Once a reputation is established, brand value is generated in the business name. If you have filed a patent or established a business, or developed names for product lines, the ...
Author: Shireen Smith
Business Law

High Quality Printing Calendar

18th August 2010
Printing in UK is renowned and well established calendar printing company. We have a specialization in customized calendar. All the calendars are printed in our in-house digital and Litho printing presses. We mainly focus on the latest print technology th...
Author: methewgilcrist
Copyright & Trademark

English Translator, French Interpreter, Arabic Translator, English Interpreter

17th June 2010 provide Arabic and ALL LANGUAGES translation, proofreading, interpreting, subtitling, voice-over, dubbing, language teaching & cultural orientation, English translation services, Arabic translation services, French translation services, reduct...
Author: almiaad
Business Law

B2b Buying Leads – Get Your Hands on the Backbone of Modern Business

07th June 2010
In the recent times, the way of doing business has changed a lot. Entrepreneurs are trying to leave the conventional method behind so as to provide new heights to their ventures. Because of this change, there are several new aspects which are getting cons...
Author: Emilyralph

What to Do If You Receive a Cease and Desist Letter

25th May 2010
The mail comes and you notice a letter from a law firm you do not recognize. As you open the letter you hope for the best but you are nervous in anticipation of what the letter says. You read the opening paragraph of the letter: "We represent the ABC ...
Author: The Trademark Company
Business Law

Why We Need a Registered Trademark?

18th May 2010
Trademark protection is something that every entrepreneur should be aware of, because trademark registration can play a vital role in the process of establishing a brand name. A trademark refers to a logo, symbol, name or other device that identifies a...
Copyright & Trademark

International Brand Registration & Protection

29th April 2010
Generally, Brand refers to the trade mark used to distinguish the goods or services among the consumers. The business group sells their services or goods under the specified name or brand that is called trade mark. Therefore, the brand is registered in or...
Author: Mrs. Geeta Dalal
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