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Business Law

Niehaus Wireframes and the Art of User Interface Design

14th November 2011
This article is based on Matthias Henrici's blog post on the subject of Niehaus Wireframes Wireframes, in essence, haven't changed much aesthetically since the days of paper prototyping in the mid 80s. Naturally the user interface designs (User Interfa...
Author: pidoco1

What You Need To Know About Fatism as Discrimination

05th October 2011
Fatism is a kind of discrimination according to an individualís weight. Fatist people are those who decline overweight people and most of the time denies them of equal rights and opportunities mainly because they are heavier than others. When an individua...
Author: Jester Maru

Useful Free Divorce Records Sites

19th April 2011
Divorce cases are prevalent anywhere in the world these days. For that reason, those who are planning to further their relationship with someone are advised to make sure they have chosen the best partner. Doing so will reduce the number of couples who eve...
Author: Ben Dave

Breach Agreement Regarding Fiduciary Responsibility Suits In California

03rd December 2010
Lawsuits for Breach Agreement of fiduciary duty generally come up in partnership or shareholder litigation. As per California's Supreme Court duty is outlined as arising whenever believe in and confidence is reposed by a single particular person in the in...
Author: Breach Agreement


23rd February 2010
Private investigators are investigators who work for private citizens and companies, meaning they don't usually work for police or other government organizations. You hire an investigator to work for you and look after your interests. They are on your sid...
Author: Scott Prendergast