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Tips to Prevent Construction Work Zone Accidents

26th January 2011
Construction work zone accidents are an unfortunate circumstance that both employers and employees should strive to avoid. Ideally, the utmost precautions should be in place around the clock to ensure workers’ safe conditions and avoid injury. In order to...
Author: esmith

The Role of Construction Lawyer

19th August 2010
The recent problems in the construction industry of Chicago have resulted in many abandoned as well as canceled projects. The current economic situation is responsible for these problems to a great extent. But there are other factors involved in such prob...
Author: Steve Johnson

Guide of Construction Safety Plan Australia

08th February 2010
Construction is one of those naturally risky jobs not only being talked in Australia, but in general as well. Thus, construction worker's safety is one of the top priorities to your company or construction site. Make it! There are a lot of ways to les...
Author: martinsejas

Difference between solicitor and advocate

17th June 2009
Have you ever marveled where all these somewhat blurring terms came from? Well the answer is they are all types of Lawyers initiated from various legal systems. Some of the footings are from the British legal system; some are from Scotland and some from t...
Author: Lakshmi Rekha