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Antiperspirants and some diet tips to keep excessive sweating at bay

08th October 2012
There maybe so many medical conditions worse than hyperhidrosis, yet excessive sweating is nothing to be taken as an easy one. Many sufferers would say that excessive sweating ruins even the best of their chances. Excessive sweating is pretty much a self...
Author: Matthew Finkle

What Are the Different Types of Asbestos Exposure?

24th February 2011
Exposure to asbestos can happen in numerable ways. The most common type of asbestos exposure occurs when someone inhales asbestos fibers that are floating in the air. When these fibers are inhaled the human body finds it extremely difficult to expel t...
Author: Wendy Moyer
Medical Malpractice

EPA schedules thoroughly clean up of outdated carburetor factory

18th October 2010
ST. LOUIS, Missouri - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has introduced a multimillion dollar program to clear up and perhaps demolish an asbestos site in St. Louis.The Carter Carburetor property is contaminated with asbestos, posing a threat to al...
Author: Jim Green
Medical Malpractice

Why Ignoring Symptoms Of Colon Cancer Might Result in A Medical Malpractice Claim

24th September 2010
Patient: “Doctor, I am spotting blood in my stool.” Physician: “It is probalby nothing. You in all likelihood just have hemorrhoids.” Tragically, some time subsequently this individual learns that the bleeding was really the result of a cancerous tu...
Author: J. Hernandez
Expert Witness

HOOK THE LOOK: How one can promote one’s business by using BANNERS.

19th August 2010
Selling. It’s Easy said than done. Million products; trillion competitors: It’s a never-ending struggle to sell a product. Ever seen vendors strolling here and there and shouting their lungs out to advertise their product? Those conventional methods are a...
Author: morkel
Medical Malpractice

When A Diagnosis Of Colon Cancer Metastasis May Lead to A Malpractice Lawsuit

24th June 2010
Colon cancer is the second leading reason for deaths due to cancer. Each year, around forty eight thousand individuals will die as a result of colon cancer. A large number of these deaths would be prevented with early detection and treatment through routi...
Author: J. Hernandez
Medical Malpractice

Patient May Have A Medical Malpractice Claim As A Result Of Physician's Failure To Diagnose Colon Ca

18th June 2010
Consider the following conversation: Patient: "Doctor, I notice blood in my stool." Physician: "There is nothing to worry about and you most likely simply have hemorrhoids." Tragically, some time subsequently this person learns that the bleeding was ...
Author: J. Hernandez
Medical Malpractice

Birth Injury Lawsuit Information

29th April 2010
Birth injuries can happen as the result of a mismanaged labor and delivery, mistakes made during child birth, and/or negligence of the needs of the mother and baby. If you have a child who was the victim of a birth injury, you may be able to bring a birth...
Author: Penelope Stone

5 Tips on How to Avoid a False DUI Breathalyzer Result

27th March 2006
Let's say you had a drink or two but don't feel you are under the influence of alcohol. However, you are arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and offered the choice of taking a breath or blood test (or, in some states, urine). Most DUI suspects choose t...
Author: Lawrence Taylor