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Bankruptcy Law

Global Business Survey: Revenue Growth Trends and Key Markets for Growth

09th July 2012
Product Synopsis “Global Business Survey: Revenue Growth Trends and Key Markets for Growth in 2012–2013” is a new report by ICD Research that provides the reader with a definitive analysis of global revenue growth outlook across 12 key industry segments ...
Author: Bharatbook
Medical Malpractice

Clinical research in Bangalore

11th May 2011
What is Clinical Trial/Research? The studies conducted to evaluate the quality, safety and efficacy of investigational products, be it drugs, biological, medical devices or medical procedures on humans in a strictly scientifically controlled setting is ...
Author: raju
Medical Malpractice

Defective Medical Devices and Medical Malpractice

26th February 2011
Copyright (c) 2011 Benjamin Glass There's a fine line to walk when it comes to filing a lawsuit for injuries caused by a defective medical device. In some cases, you may have a product liability claim on your hands where you hold only the designer or m...
Author: Ben Glass
Personal Injury

Jogging Hazards May Make a Personal Injury Lawyer Your Best Friend

18th June 2010
Joggers can face many hazards while trying to pursue a healthy sport that can cause a variety of injuries. These same injuries can prevent a runner from working, which can lead to a loss of income. Injuries can be incurred in situations such as a bite fro...
Author: Nick Messe
Personal Injury

Seek Compensation For Your Injured Hand

31st May 2010
You're at home unable to work because your hair dryer caught on fire and severely burned your hand. What started out as an average day turned into a horrific nightmare. Suddenly without warning, your hair dryer began to smoke and flames shot out the top. ...
Author: Nick Messe