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Business Law

Why You Should Consider Company Registration In Thailand

16th August 2011
If you are thinking of company registration in Thailand, then you are at the very least, open minded and ambitious. Companies lacking lofty ambition are probably too scared to take any sort of a risk and expand, especially to a place like Thailand. For de...
Author: JohnCimble
Family Law

Iconic Chart Shows Biggest Devaluation of Our Generation

28th April 2011
You own a company and you have one customer that accounts for 25% of your sales. Your customer is in another country and pays you in currency from his country. Unfortunately, you have a few other customers who also pay in that currency. As the years go...
Author: profitconfidential
Business Law

Debt Crisis: Why the Worst Is Yet to Come

26th February 2011
I know it is borrowing stuff…government statistics and projections. But it’s important for my readers to see how out-of-control the debt crisis in America is. Eventually, the day of reckoning will come when the homemade debt crisis will affect the stock m...
Author: profitconfidential
Business Law

The Jobs/Consumer Spending Link: Why We’re in Such Trouble Now

22nd February 2011
There are presently about 15.1 million Americans unemployed and looking for jobs while struggling to make ends meet. The problem is that there are only about 2.9 million available jobs. Do the math. That is five unemployed workers competing for on...
Author: profitconfidential
Immigration Law

DREAM Act to Aid Mother of 3, Hernandez

13th January 2011
The dreams of several men and women are put on line when they move into a country like the United States to make a life for themselves. The problem is that not a lot of of these persons have the legal grounding essential for prosperous immigration and sta...
Author: Warren Brown
Expert Witness

HOOK THE LOOK: How one can promote one’s business by using BANNERS.

19th August 2010
Selling. It’s Easy said than done. Million products; trillion competitors: It’s a never-ending struggle to sell a product. Ever seen vendors strolling here and there and shouting their lungs out to advertise their product? Those conventional methods are a...
Author: morkel
Accident claims

Accident Claims Industry Making Changes

08th August 2009
Accident claims are shaking up in parts of the Asian continent. In Korea, the Korea Insurance Development Institute, is calling for industrial accident compensation insurance - currently under a government monopoly - should be open to private insurance c...
Author: Ruth

The Annual Alternative Minimum Tax “Patch” and “Indexing” Explained

27th June 2009
The Patch Each year for the past several years Congress has "fixed" the AMT problem by enacting a temporary "patch." With the signing of the stimulus bill this past February, 24 million taxpayers who otherwise would have been in the AMT in 2009 are sp...
Author: kinal