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Stay Secure on Facebook: 7 Security Tips

16th August 2011
By Ledia in Internet Law
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Nowadays the continuous growth of the Internet has brought people closer even more, turning the entire world into a “small village”. Social Networks play a crucial role in this by creating online friendships and discussions which otherwise would have been impossible to create. The most popular social network, Facebook, has a large number of user's, approximately 700 million all over the world and it is of course on hit list of attackers and scammers.
The need to be protected while connected in your favorite social network is of high importance in order to keep your data and your personal information safe by using effective privacy techniques.
After reading this article, you will be able to properly protect your personal profiles and information shared in your favorite social networks:
Browse Safe
You should always have your browser updated with the latest updates and patches available in order to avoid browser exploitation attack. You could use secure connection (HTTPS) where possible to avoid sniffing.

Account Security
You could add another e-mail address on your Facebook account because if the first one will be hacked, then you could prove that you own the account by the alternative one that you have added.
Secure your PC
Make always sure that your computer does not contain any sort of keyloggers, RAT (remote administration tool) and istealer or some other things like this. You should have installed a powerful antivirus and firewall solution to remain secured while staying both online and offline.
Use Strong Passwords
You should never use passwords that include names, addresses or personal information of yours. Make sure that you have created a strong password combining capital letters, small letters, numbers and characters. You should always use a different password for each online account you own.
Personal Data
You should always avoid putting very personal data or information on your Facebook profile. It is possible that a hacker might use this kind of information to hack your profile by using numerous methods and techniques available to create attacks.

Facebook Privacy Setting
It is recommended to check all privacy settings and parameters available on Facebook in order to create a profile as secured as possible.
You should always keep in mind that malicious users “love” social networking users and especially those who use Facebook because of its popularity. Follow these few steps and you will be able to have all the fun that Facebook provides for you, without worrying about hackers.

Konstantinos Vavousis
TRUST-IT Security Intelligence
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