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Should You Hire a DUI Lawyer In Florida

11th March 2010
By idahoautoinsur in Criminal Law
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There are particular legal formalities to be embarked since you are charged with DUI in Florida. For that reason, you need the help of a lawyer who specializes in these cases. A DUI lawyer can give you assistance in knowing your legal rights from the time of your DUI arrest. He/she can go over the details of the DUI case, take care of court procedures and find out your status on the case. The DUI lawyer can also negotiate on your behalf for a case settlement and aid you by going over the driver’s license suspension a few days following your DUI arrest. He/she can also aid you with taking rehabilitation programs and even request the court for leniency since you are changing your ways.

DUI lawyers in Florida are typically knowledgeable in all the procedures such as the breath test, chemical tests, etc. Your entire defense could be based on the results of these tests if they are favorable for you. They can also build your defense by studying the environment and road conditions at the time and place of your DUI arrest and any other things that could have an effect on your field sobriety tests. Lawyers could efficiently study your DUI case to see any loopholes, run independent chemical analysis of your blood sample, inspect the calibration and maintenance records of the breath-analyzing machine, get reliable witnesses and suppress evidence to give you the best defense on your DUI case.

Now you can represent yourself but you are taking a huge risk there. The court system is not on your side sorry to say and they will do everything they can to punish you to the fullest extent of the law. Yes, it will cost you money, probably about $5,500 just to get a lawyer to go to trial but it will be much better sleeping in your own bed at night and not in jail.
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