Swimming Pool Contractors: Thinking of Building Your Own Pool? Think Again.

By: Ricky Martin | Posted: 20th September 2012

Although you may consider yourself to be a pretty competent do-it-yourselfer, taking on the task of building a swimming pool is quite an undertaking and better left to pool builders. If you think the whole process through, you will realize that there are many steps to pool construction that you will need to handle or supervise yourself, instead of having experienced Swimming Pool Contractors do them.

The first step is designing your pool. There are a lot of factors that Swimming Pool Contractors look at when designing a pool specifically for your backyard. Are there any grade issues or sloping? Swimming Pool Contractors can let you know your choices in regards to putting in a retaining wall or designing a cool vanishing edge pool that looks like it is flowing down the back of your property.

Experienced Swimming Pool Contractors will know the specific engineering that is required to build vanishing edge pools and other pools that arenít built on flat ground. Does your yard have an odd shape? Swimming Pool Contractors know how to maximize your space so that you get a decent sized pool and also an area for a deck to entertain on.

Next you will have to do a construction plan to submit for a permit. There are specific requirements for each municipality so you will have to research this before doing one. If you do not have the skills to do one, you will have to hire someone to do it for you. This is one of the many things that are typically included in the scope of work by pool builders. Once the plan is done, you will have to get your own permit before you can start the construction. The city or municipality will require that you have certain phases of the project go through an inspection and Swimming Pool Contractors know exactly what it takes to pass these inspections.

In essence, you take the role of general contractor when you build your own pool as you will have to hire sub contractors for all the different phases of construction. This presents more than one potential problems as unlike using pool builders, you wonít know how capable your subs are unless you have personal references. Plus, you assume liability for anything that happens to them in your backyard. All reputable Swimming Pool Contractors carry General Liability Insurance as well as Workers Comp Insurance, relinquishing you from all liability during the whole pool construction.

You will also have to factor in the time that you will spend overseeing the subs. A pool typically takes four to six weeks to build and when you use Swimming Pool Contractors to do the construction, you donít have to be home while most of the work is done. They will have their own supervisors watching the crews.

The next concern should be if your subcontractors warranty their work. A pool is an expensive permanent structure that will be used for many years. Will your subs be around then and will they readily respond when something breaks or if you have a problem? Large reputable Swimming Pool Contractors will frequently have a better warranty than smaller pool builders.

When you think of all these things, donít you think it is best to leave pool building to Swimming Pool Contractors?

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