Waiver....An Essential Passport To Enter To The US

By: astonbordon | Posted: 15th September 2010

Existence of a criminal record can be a big hindrance to not only getting good jobs but also entering the US. While traveling to the US especially, the most important thing to keep in mind is that if you hold a criminal record in your home country be it Canada, Italy or France; you will not be allowed to enter the US. While you can travel to any place in the world, crossing into United States is banned for people with criminal background.

Whether you like it or not, the US authorities have all access to your records. This implies that guards at the border just have to type a name in their computer to check out whether you have a criminal record or not. Any forceful attempt to illegally entering the US can lead to serious consequences.

First you will be refused entry, your property can be confiscated, your vehicle seized and in worst cases, people can be subjected to imprisonment too. The guards present at the border enjoy a total discretion to refuse entry to anyone regardless of the kind of offense you have committed in your home country. For instance, you can be detained and deported even if you are found charged of some shoplifting case you committed long back ago. And remember, if you were involved even in the smallest of drug possession charge, be assured it is a reason enough to refuse entry irrespective of whatever was the outcome of your charge.

Especially after 9/11, the rules have become stricter and entering the US with a criminal record is like taking a big risk. Even if you hold a Canadian Pardon, you still won't be eligible to enter the US as the US authorities don't take into the consideration the pardon. The only document that can enable you to travel to the US is a waiver.

A waiver is an official document which allows people with a criminal records to enter the US. You can apply for the waiver at any time and it is issued by the United States Immigration Office. There are various agencies which help individuals in obtaining waivers. A US waiver is granted keeping in consideration various grounds, such as

The potential risks you pose to the US security.
The seriousness of your offense.
The age when you were charged for the offense.
And the reasons for your visit to the US.

The entire process of acquiring a waiver is very time-consuming and lengthy. It takes almost 4 to 8 months to prepare a request for the Waiver and then the wait to receive it can be as long as 6 to 10 months from the date of filing the application. Hence it is best to send an application for waiver as early as possible. And make sure to approach a reputed agency which can guide and help you in the entire tough process of acquiring a US waiver. After obtaining the waiver you can travel to the US for a specific period of time and without any risk of being deported, detained or facing any embarrassment.
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