A Deeper Knowledge about Boat and Cruise Ship Accidents

By: Mesriani Law Group | Posted: 15th March 2010

Exploring the deep waters can arouse a sense of excitement for some because they view it as an adventure. However, the occurrence of boats and cruise ship accidents continue to endanger the lives of people who travel along different bodies of water.

Boat Accidents

In May 2003, a collision of a boat and a barge in Falgout Canal in Dularge, Louisiana has ended the lives of five people who were competing in a fishing contest.

According to Capt. Samuel Martin from the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department, all the people riding the boat were killed.

From this incident alone, you may already have an idea of how deadly a boat accident can be.

In 2008, the U.S. Coast Guard has already reported around 4,789 recreational boating accidents which left 3,331 people injured and 709 others dead.

According to the Coast Guard, more than two-thirds of all the fatalities drowned and 90% of them were found not wearing or using their life jacket.

Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruise ship accidents are often given much attention by the media because people ride on this type of vessel to relax, bond with a loved one, and make a happy memory.

When the Crown Princess cruise ship violently tilted towards its left side, the scene became chaotic because many crew and passengers were thrown onto the deck.

According to Cape Canaveral Fire Rescue Capt. Jim Watson, the incident left an adult and child under a critical condition, 12 severely injured, and 70 others with lesser injuries.

The capacity of this vessel to accommodate thousands of passengers makes it more dangerous because many people can also get hurt when an accident happens.

Causes of Boat and Cruise Ship Accidents

Here are some the following contributing factors for the occurrence of boat and cruise ship accident:

Vessel's operation

• Improper or lack of lights

• Inexperienced operators

• Making sharp turns

• Limited vision

• Operator inattention

• Not having a proper lookout

• Drugs and alcohol use by the operator

• Operating the boat at an excessive speed


• Packed waters

• Dangerous waters

• Bad weather

Vessel or equipment failure

• Machinery failure

• Hull failure

• Equipment failure

Loading of Gear or Passengers

• Overloading

• Passenger behavior

• Improper anchoring

In the event that an accident happens, people aboard should be careful with their actions because even a little mistake can kill them. Some of the things a passenger can do to lessen the risk of injury in an accident include:

• Wear shoes that can grip a wet floor's surface

• Do not panic

• Wear a life vest when it is needed

Compensation for the Victims

Victims in boat and cruise ship accidents are advised to seek counsel from legal experts. Personal injury attorneys are well trained in handling such cases. The skills of these attorneys will give you a higher chance of winning and being compensated by the negligent party.

To help you deal with issues involved in boat and cruise ship accidents, consult with our expert personal injury lawyers. Visit our website and avail of our free case analysis.
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