K1 Visa Interview Questions for My Thai Fiancée Visa in Bangkok

By: Dennis Ramm | Posted: 02nd December 2009

You have received your notice of your pending interview for your K1 Visa at the US Embassy in Bangkok. You become nervous about what the Consulate officer in Bangkok will ask you during the visa interview. How should I prepare myself for the interview? What questions will they ask me? What if I say the wrong thing during my visa interview? These are some of the thoughts that are going through your mind when you receive your notice letter.

Below are some of the questions that might be asked of you during your interview for the K1 Visa in Thailand. It is important that you are confidence and clear in your responses to the interviewing officer. Look the interviewer directly in the eye when responding to his/her questions.

Why are you applying for a K1 Visa?

Have you visited any other country?

If so, how long have you stayed in that country?

Do you know anyone in the US?

How long have your known your fiance?

What job your fiance hold?

Where is your fiance working?

Where in the US does your fiance live?

Where did you meet your fiance?

Have you been married before?

If so have you divorced your former spouse legally?

Do you have any children with your ex -spouse?

When do you plan to marry your fiancé?

How long will you stay in the US?

How long have your know your fiance?

Does he have any children?

What job do you do?

What is your salary?

Do you have family in Thailand?

Where does your family live?

Do you own property in Thailand?

What day is the birthday of your fiance?

Where are you getting married?

Where does your fiancé stay when in Thailand?

Has your fiancé met your family?

It is important to be well prepared for your K1 Visa interview questions. You should discuss these sample questions with your fiancé and write down your responses. Sometimes they will ask you the same question but in two different ways. So being prepared will certainly pay off for your K1 interview in Thailand.

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