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Pedestrian Accidents and How to Avoid Them

13th April 2010
By Mesriani Law Group in Accident claims
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Accidents that occur on the road are not just limited to vehicle accidents. An increasing percentage of these accidents involve people. Pedestrians, as they are identified in traffic terms, can be anybody who is either crossing the street or walking on the sidewalk. And because they are close to the road, there are possibilities that they would be involved in automobile accidents.

Some may ask how they would get into such unfortunate instances since they were not even inside the vehicles that collided. Large vehicles such as coasters, SUV’s, trucks, and buses are usually responsible for causing pedestrian injuries because they have the tendency to continue in motion even after a collision with another vehicle. Once they get out of the driver’s control, they can be unstoppable in inflicting property damages and physical injuries on nearby people.

In a busy city like Los Angeles, pedestrian accidents can be more frequent because of the fast-paced lifestyle and the people’s reverence for time. Because of this, drivers and pedestrians alike should be informed how to avoid such accidents.

The following are just some reminders for pedestrians and drivers to avoid Los Angeles pedestrian accidents:

For pedestrians:

• Avoid jaywalking – People who cross in improper locations only put themselves at a greater risk of being hit by oncoming vehicles. If you want to cross the street, look for designated areas to ensure your safety.

• Avoid walking on roads that have limited access – As much as possible, do not come anywhere near highways or freeways because motorists do not expect to see pedestrians in those places. If you ever need to walk near a freeway, make sure to be very careful and wary of the vehicles passing by.

• Ignoring traffic rules – Ignoring traffic lights and signals is also a major cause not only of pedestrian accidents, but vehicle accidents in general. Make sure that you notice whenever the traffic light color changes to maintain an orderly traffic flow.

For drivers:

• Crosswalks – Every driver should be watchful of crosswalks and intersections, and give way for pedestrians. Drivers who fail to do this often get into trouble and pay medical expenses in return.

• Driving under alcohol influence – Never drink and drive. It will only reduce your perception of what is happening around you, such as crossing pedestrians and changing traffic light colors.

• Ignoring traffic lights – Overconfident drivers often beat red lights and drive above the prescribed driving speed. These acts can result to a lot of trouble especially if the traffic light also queues pedestrian crossing.

Similar to vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents can also be quite costly. It gets even worse if the victim did not survive the incident. To reduce the risks of getting into Los Angeles pedestrian accidents, make sure to consider the reminders given above.

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