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Obtain an IRS penalty abatement

29th June 2010
By Carmelo Buchanan in Taxes
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Penalties are supposedly IRS' way to teach every tax payer a lesson for not being able to pay their taxes on time but it turns out that penalty overdid its purpose. It has been a major burden on the taxpayers end because most of the time, penalties accumulate to an extent that they become higher than what you actually owe. Every year, millions or billions of penalties are imposed on every delinquent taxpayer making it the precise reason why IRS will do whatever they can to get the large amount of money on the line.

This is not a very good lesson for people who have been working so hard and yet they really can't be able to pay everything off including fines, penalties and interests. You can't squeeze a lime when there's no more juice left to produce, same as to demand payment from someone who really don't have anything to pay for what he/she owed. This seems like a dead end for some people who do not know what to do. Other taxpayers acquire penalties due to the system error on the IRS' end while processing your claims. But either way, penalties should be eliminated to save frustrations and distress to both the IRS and taxpayers. Penalty abatement is the relief you might be looking for to this seemingly difficult situation if you get qualified. You can seek assistance from a tax attorney to obtain IRS penalty abatement.

This type of tax relief help will allow a tax payer to contest penalties and interest for a particular period of time. Here are some reasons considered to claim:

  • Death in the family
  • Mental diagnosis or other serious illness
  • Bad advice from a tax professional
  • Natural calamity
  • Fixed income
  • Lost or destroyed financial records
  • IRS error

Those are some of the reasons that may qualify you to file an appeal for the penalty abatement claim. With the help of a qualified representation by an experienced IRS tax attorney, a tax relief using this method can work to your advantage. You will be relieved from the headache that has been digging your thoughts with such endless speculations and assumptions to resolve your tax issues on your own.

Instant Tax Solutions makes sure that you won't be going through the same frustration again because your financial freedom and peace of mind is what really matters to them. ITS has a team of skilled tax lawyers and tax attorneys together with their Certified Public Accountants and enrolled IRS agents that will assist you all throughout your case. Get rid of penalties and tax debt burdens immediately and call Instant Tax Solutions for a free consultation today.
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