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Notable Wrongful Death Cases - When Do They Occur?

02nd February 2009
By Daniel Berry in Legal
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Notable wrongful death cases usually produce the highest dollar amounts recovered, get the most media coverage, and the death is due to something seriously negligent. There are hundreds of wrongful death cases each year but only a few make it to this list.

Most wrongful death cases don't make it past the local media. There may be a person or company at fault and the case may be clear the family is going to win a lot of money. The average amount of money given to people in wrongful death cases ranges from $75k to $200k depending on many factors.

Notable wrongful death cases result in the high-dollar award cases. When cases like this result in the highest payouts that are in the millions they make it to the news. People are always interested to hear when someone is going to get a lot of money. Most wrongful death cases don't pay out millions of dollars because the company or person being sued doesn't have that kind of money and never will be able to come up with it either.

The high-profile cases that become notable wrongful death cases also are obvious negligence. These cases often end up settled out of court before they make it to court because of the attention to the media. Wrongful death cases with medications causing class action suits are also notable because so many people are affected. This recently took place with Merck when hundreds of thousands of people were taking their medication and the results were stroke, heart attacks, and more.

Notable wrongful death cases occur when the company being sued is high profile and worth a lot of money. This usually results in a lot of money for the plaintiff in the case. Most notable cases in the courtroom for wrongful death end up on settling out of court rather than taking the case all of the way to trial. However, many companies will take the entire case to trial in hopes the person will eventually give up. This could take years of courtroom frustrations and then they will settle prior to the very last hearing.

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