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17th May 2010
By anointing in No Win No Fee
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The main feature that sets no win no fee solicitors apart from other lawyers is that they accept compensation cases without charging the claimants. Typically, the cases that they handle are personal injury claims against individuals or corporations.

There have been many large settlements over the years. Countless times individuals and large groups alike have won their suits. When a large group is represented in a case, it is referred to as a class action suit or tort.

The 2000 movie "Erin Brockovich" was about a class action suit against a California power company accused of polluting a city's water supply. The injuries involved were cases of cancer that could be linked directly to the pollution.

It was a true story with a happy ending. The claimants received a large settlement of which the law firm received a percentage. The 1998 movie "Civil Action" was also a true story that did not end quite as happily, at least for the legal team involved.

They spent lots of money trying to win the case. The dumping of toxic wastes eventually stopped. But, the claimants did not win their case so they never had to pay for legal services. As a result, the law firm went bankrupt.

Over the years there have been many fictional and non-fictional accounts of cases with happy and not so happy endings. Your case might not be "movie-worthy". But if you have been injured, it is worth your while to contact a group of no win no fee lawyers. Here's what you can expect.

Consultations are typically free. You can expect to be interviewed by one of the lawyers, a paralegal or a legal assistant.

The questions they ask are meant to help them determine if you have grounds for the suit and if the case is winnable. You may be asked to bring medical records or other evidence. Some no win no fee lawyers wait for future visits to gather that kind of evidence and they all have their own style.

Some clients are concerned about what percentage of the settlement the attorney will take. They wonder if going to court will help them financially.

In most cases, damages won are the responsibility of the insurance company of the individual or corporation you are suing. If you win your case, the insurer will usually be required to cover your legal fees on top of any damages paid.

Undoubtedly, no win no fee solicitors provide the public access to the justice system. Most cases are settled out of court because the parties being sued often realize they are at fault and prefer to settle out of court rather than risk a court battle which if they lose, will require them to pay court costs in addition to the original claim.

No Win No Fee Solicitors Directory offer free, expert advice on personal injury claims. We help make no win no fee claims easy and straightforward, pointing the public to injury lawyers in every city in the UK.

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