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14th May 2010
By timjhonson in Divorce
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Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments occur when a U.S. court relies upon foreign divorce ruling, on the ground that it has been previously litigated abroad. Thus recognition of foreign divorce judgments is akin to the domestic U.S. doctrines of res judicat (or claim preclusion, prevents parties of a claim from re-litigating the same claim.
When Gandhi forced them to leave in 1947, they left grudgingly. And left behind a divided nation; deprived of all its wealth, and a drained economy. The riots that ensued during partition left deep scars on both sides which haven't yet healed. Divide and rule policy is what was applied over two centuries, and was very effective.
An effective social reform movement does need the help of law and a sympathetic judiciary to achieve its objectives. Women empowerment, equal rights to both men and women, equal share of property, etc., are some of the issues which we discuss everyday, in life, newspaper and on television.
Normally, there is no chance of conflict in transaction of individual ownership properties. But the owner's not staying in the same town may lead to a trouble. In such cases a power of attorney may be given to a trustworthy person to handle and take decision on the property related issues.

It makes me wonder sometimes if this has been the prime reason for the debacle of the institution of marriage, which used to be revered as a pure and Holy union of two souls, once upon a time. The educated and economically self reliant women of today, are finding it tough to carve a place for themselves in their matrimonial homes, especially when they are expected to be subservient to their husbands and the in-laws.
A marriage is often declared by a wedding ceremony,which may be performed by a religious officiator, through a similar government-sanctioned secular officiator, or (in weddings that have no church or state affiliation) by a trusted friend of the wedding participants. The act of marriage usually creates obligations between the individuals involved, and in many societies, their extended families.
The Women issues have received tremendous attention in the planning circle and in wide intellectual discussions and forums at national and global platforms. However the existing lacuna in the formulation and execution of the policies has not changed the grass root situation to a great extent.

An Indian marriage marks a 'Muhurta'. In other words, it marks an auspicious occasion. The wedding is usually conducted in the bride's home or temple but, with modernity comes diversity. Today, the weddings will be held in parks, hotels, halls and many other places. Preparations start very early and, many will congregate in the evening to eat, dance and sing.
The father of an eight year-old Saudi Arabian girl married her off to a 58 year-old man. A judge made the ruling that the young girl could not apply for a divorce until she reaches the age of puberty. The girl is still in residence with her mother.
Indian laws are broadly classified as Criminal, Constitutional and Civil laws, while the first two are uniform to all citizens of the country, civil laws vary according to the community of the individual.

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