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Is it possible to get a share of your partner’s pensions after divorce?

01st December 2009
By Sai Thakur in Divorce
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Whenever couples register for a divorce, they estimate the assets to do the proper settlement. But most of them do not remember to include their spouse's pension as a portion of the income. It is important to include it as it is a part of your assets that have to be calculated while filing for a divorce.

People have always questioned whether the pensions should be divided or not. Many of them have reasoned that pensions must not be split while filing a divorce. This has led to controversies. You should seek adequate data as this is something that will impact the rest of your life.

The asset division in every divorce case may be distinct and it depends upon various factors. If you believe that it is the same in every case, then you may be mistaken. There are a few regulations but then the final settlement may not be identical for different couples.

Pension divorce calculator may give an estimate to the couple regarding their pensions based on the current income. In most of the cases, court takes the decision and finalizes the agreement related to the assets including pensions.

It is better to make a consensus rather than leaving all alternatives open and up to the court to make a decision. The lawyer can assist you in this.

In such cases a attorney's role is limited to finalizing the arrangement. Most of the time, subjects related to pension particularly in divorce cases are extremely complicated. This is why we advise individuals to take help from their attorneys and also from pension experts for providing a resolution which is satisfactory for both the parties.

You can consult your attorney to arrive at a division formula keeping in mind the pension divorce calculator. Thus you can decide on something that is good for you.

If you are looking for a complete settlement, you must have a professional attorney with the appropriate experience in successfully handling cases where a pension claim was given to the spouse.

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