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No Win No Fee

No Win, No Fee is one of the most popular searches when it comes to compensation and the law. No Win, No Fee generally refers to the attempt to gain compensation over anything that has caused the claimant to seek damages. It's popular down to the fact that if the case is lost, the claimant will not have to pay the lawyer who battled to gain the compensation, so if the claimant is short of funding, whether this is down to unfair dismissal, medical problems or a range of other reasons, they will not have to pay for the services. Because of all the questions that surround No Win, No Fee, it's only natural that here at Going Legal, we created a section to contain a wide variety of different No Win, No Fee articles, aiming to answer whatever query you may have.

No Win No Fee Articles

No Win No Fee

Is Success Possible ln The Prepaid Legal Business Opportunity?

23rd November 2009
General Information: Prepaid legal services refer to individual or group employee benefit legal plan in which a member pays a monthly fee in exchange for access to a range of legal services on-call. Prepaid legal plans typically offer certain services ...
Author: Lawren Smith
No Win No Fee

What Are ‘No Win No Fee Solicitors’?

12th October 2009
If you have suffered a personal injury and it was someone else's fault, a no win no fee personal injury solicitor can help you claim compensation for your injury and lost earnings. Using a no win no fee solicitor means you will not have to pay a fee if yo...
Author: Jessica Parker
No Win No Fee

Whiplash: How to Avoid a Whiplash Injury

03rd September 2009
Over 80% of no win no fee claims arising from car accidents are for whiplash injuries, according to the insurance industry. This equates to 250,000 whiplash injury claims per year. A whiplash injury can seriously affect your quality of life. Whiplash a...
Author: Jessica Parker
No Win No Fee

I Know It's Hard to Imagine Masterminding With Like Minded People When You Lack Self Confidence.

13th August 2009
The basics of masterminding will help you navigate the process with greater ease. When you relax a little you will even find that the sessions are actually fun and you will look forward to your group time. If you have never participated in a mastermind...
Author: Malhotra
No Win No Fee

No Win No Fee – What Everybody Ought to Know about No Win No Fee Claims

21st June 2009
Unless you have been living in a sound-proof chamber in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, you will be aware of the ‘no win no fee claims' ads which currently crowd our airwaves. However, while the term ‘no win no fee' is now commonly recognised, mo...
Author: Jessica Parker
No Win No Fee

Lawsuit Pre-Settlement Loan Frequently Asked Questions

02nd April 2009
The settlement loan frequently asked questions contains the 7 most popular answers to questions regarding settlement loans. It's common to have questions when taking out this type of loan. Below, you'll find all the answers to the basic questions that can...
Author: Legal Settlement Loans
No Win No Fee

Public liability: Risk Assessment

27th March 2009
Tradesmen are being urged to take on the best possible steps to ensure that their working environment is safe and secure for themselves and their customers.As part of its 2009 Simply Safety campaign, Norwich Union is urging tradesmen to use safer ways of ...
Author: Arti
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