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I'm Moving Soon. What Shall I Do?

07th February 2011
By Sean Black in Immigration Law
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United States citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) have strict codes on green card. Any change in the green card should be reported to USCIS. The address change should be informed to the office within 10 days in written form. This law applies to both non-immigrants and green card holders. If the immigrant has stayed for more than thirty days then the change of address should be informed through Form AR-11. No fee is charged for filling up the application online or downloading it. If the immigrant or the alien is under 14, then the parent or the guardian should take the responsibility of informing the officials. If the laws are violated then the person would be banished from the States in accord to INA 266(b). This is important as the breach of code can lead to the punishments like the payment of $200 or imprisonment for 30 days. In some cases, both are implemented.

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) proceed through a "special registration" where the immigrants from certain countries undergo special security check ups for the change in the address. Visa card holders such as F-1, H-1B are also subject to the codes of USCIS. Form AR-11 is available on the website of USCIS, which has to be filled and to be sent to the officer through mail. This can be either filled online or can be downloaded. Filling up the form is a simple process, and the immigrant should furnish true information. The mail must be sent to the department of the homeland security.

The change of the address in the green card is not a different particular, though the condition of the requirement is necessary for the further stay in the United States. If the immigrants or the visitors do not submit the change of address in the allotted time then they will be declared "Out of Status". This state means that the particular person is not permitted to stay and this may lead to fine, arrest imprisonment or detention. Future visa applications for the entry into the States can be delayed as these codes may create an impact. Other updates in the green card should also be reported to the department.

National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, which was implemented after September 11, 2001, keeps record of people entering and leaving the United States. Any changes or the updates in the green card change of address are subject to the codes of conduct of USCIS.
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