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How To Choose The Right Criminal Tax Attorney For You

23rd April 2010
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Everyone makes mistakes, and in these financial times, the government needs every tax dollar they can get their hands on. When a taxpayer finds himself in potential IRS tax fraud trouble, he could try to handle it himself. But, with the IRS' legendary reputation for terrorizing the average taxpayer, as well as the ever-changing tax laws, it would be best to hire a criminal tax attorney to defend you, even if you haven't been criminally charged as yet.

Even in the audit process, taxpayers have the right to avoid IRS tax fraud by bringing in a criminal tax attorney to act on their behalf in all proceedings with the IRS. Tax crimes are not taken lightly, especially in the United States, and since the first step is for the government to determine whether you have committed IRS tax fraud, a criminal tax attorney should be retained from the first notice of an audit. You will need a tax expert on your side, someone who understands the tax laws, to be there to protect your interests, and help you to understand exactly what is going on during the investigation.

In cases of IRS tax fraud, the criminal tax attorney will do everything in their power to prove to the government that you have done everything within your power or control to play by the rules, period. His role is to defend all charges, and convince the government that you did not intentionally or willfully violate any tax laws, especially IRS tax fraud. The IRS then has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you did commit fraud against the federal government, and did so knowingly, with full understanding of what was being done at the time.

A criminal tax attorney can do more than help you avoid IRS tax fraud. A competent criminal tax attorney can also help individual taxpayers reduce any fines levied by the IRS, have any liens against property removed, and especially in these rocky financial times, advise and guide individual taxpayers through the many self-employment and unemployment tax issues.

A competent criminal tax attorney can also help small business owners avoid IRS tax fraud by heading off tax problems before they can begin. Since a criminal tax attorney is extremely knowledgeable in tax law, he can advise his clients on everyday business matters and how they relate to the tax law. He can help business owners and individuals set up stock portfolios, trust funds, and retirement accounts, so there won't be any more surprises when tax time comes around once more.

When looking for the right criminal tax attorney to hire, especially in cases of IRS tax fraud, don't just pick the first one you find in the Yellow Pages. Ask your friends, your neighbors, your business associates for recommendations. Talk to your local branch of the American Bar Association about licensed professionals in your area. Once you've gotten together a respectable list, start researching them on the Internet. A random search through Google or Yahoo will lead you to their websites, if they exist, and should give you a good idea about reputation, case history and fees. Always choose a professional with a good reputation among his peers and associations, and whose fees you can afford. Once you've made your choice, meet with the criminal tax attorney to make arrangements for payment and specifically outline all of your needs.

Should any taxpayer finds themselves mired in confusing IRS regulations or even facing potential IRS tax fraud, hiring a reputable criminal tax attorney should be your next step. With experienced help at your side, you will find that your tax worries will quickly disappear when your case is in the hands of a professional that you know is on your side.

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