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How can I work in the US

19th April 2011
By Mike Lombardi in Immigration Law
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The economic recession had created a slump in American economy. However, job opportunities are still available in the country and ambitious individuals want to work in the US to get lucrative salary packages and better their careers. Everyone with the appropriate visa can work in America and prove their mettle in their field of expertise.

Primary requisite for anyone willing to enter into the United States and to work there is a working visa. Working visas are specifically meant to compute and keep track of individuals or foreign nationals who visit the country. Without proper visa, individuals can be persecuted and subjected to legal action by the government authorities.

To work in America, the government offers different types of visa for specific kind of employment namely full time and part-time or seasonal among others. After procuring H1B, E2, Green card or H2B visas, individuals can offer their services to any organization of their choice and work in the US.

The E1 type of Visa is offered to the foreign nationals who come to U.S for commerce and trade purposes, while E2 visas are offered to investors, who are involved directly in business endeavors in America. H1B visas are for professionals as well as students who engage in a specific industry and H2B visas are meant for seasonal or temporary workers, to work in the US.

The employer should produce labor certification to the authorized personnel, after hiring the employees. The employer will be treated as the sponsor of the employee and sponsors can change, when individuals shift the jobs. Consequently, employee must produce new labor certification from the new sponsor, prior to working with him, to the related legal authorities.

For finding the right job that helps you to utilize your potential and establish your talents, you can seek the help of the international recruiters. Prior to choosing the international recruiter for getting employment in reputed companies, you should check out their reputation, credibility, job retention statistics, testimonials and feedback. USA job sites also allow you to get extensive job listings and to work in the US in your dream job.

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