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Guidance to apply for top business schools after CAT-2011

30th March 2011
By Terry Jonnathan in Business Law
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CAT-2011 results are out and every candidate as per his performance in the examination is accessing his chance of getting top business school in India. Those candidates who got good marks are happily applying to all top business colleges of the country. Rest of the candidates are following both previous cut offs statistics of the college and advices of their seniors, friends, teachers and family members. These students are also applying to many top business schools just to try out their luck.

Every candidate wants to gets admission in top business colleges of India. But the seats in these top business schools are very less compared to the candidates applying for it. Although you have worked very hard for this examination but so have others.

Competition to get top business school in India has become very tough. So now days only working hard donít matter much, one should be ready to do smart thinking also. Therefore we are giving some of the points below which should be kept in mind for the rest of the MBA admission process:-

1. Select best Business schools: - Check the data about admission cut offs of the top business schools and apply according to your marks in CAT-2011. But you can always take certain risks. Just apply in 4-5 top business colleges whose cut offs you missed by a very thin margin.
2. Apply Carefully: - Every year many applications get rejected due to candidateís negligence during filling up the application form. So itís very important that while applying to selected top business colleges all the required information are correctly and carefully filled in the application form. Also include all the required mentioned documents in the application form without any fail.
3. Prepare well for the MBA interview: - Cracking the MBA admission interview to get admission in top business schools is the toughest part of this examination. Many candidates fail in interview although they have scored well in the CAT examination. So donít relax even you have very good marks. Take your friends, family members and teacherís help in preparing for the interview. You can even practice by appearing for mock interviews which is available in many good MBA preparation institutes.

Mentioned above tips are some of the things that you should carefully take care of. But most important among all is the sheer hard work, discipline, time management and various other basic characters that are tested during these examinations. So keep your cool and donít loose hope.

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