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Free Divorce Records Of California For You

23rd May 2011
By Ben Dave in Divorce
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In terms of population, California is ranked first among all the states in America. Statistics shows that there are 37 million people living in the said state as of today. With its large number of population, its divorce rate canít be figured out since the state does not keep track on the total number of couples getting separated in this region. But one thing is for sure - it does store files such as California divorce records.

Obtaining vital information in this state can be done through the California Department of Health Services, Office of Vital Records. It gives access to pertinent accounts such as births, deaths, marriages and divorces. In this department, a small amount of processing fee is required before youíll get the result that you most desired to have. Payments can be made through check, personal check or money order. A waiting time period of 4 weeks is also indicated.

Only Certificate of Records for marriages that have been dissolved between 1962 and June 1984 can be provided by the above-mentioned office to the applicants. Essential details like the involved partiesí names, the county where the separation was filed and the court case number are usually revealed in this file. It normally takes 2-3 years to completely process such kind of request.

It is recommended that you turn to the Superior Court in the county where the filing for separation was done if you wanted to acquire an official copy of the divorce decree. Obtaining it can be tough, considering the tons of papers stored at state archives. Nevertheless, it can be much easier only if you could provide important facts about the persons involved like the coupleís names, address and the time and place of occurrence.

For various reasons, millions of Californians and others are advised to look for this kind of document. For one, it provides full protection to anyone who is currently engaged with a romantic partner. It helps you determine the true identity and the present marital status of your significant other. If heís separated, then this will inform you the cause of their split-up. In general, gathering this information helps prevent the growth of divorce cases.

Worry no more because the Internet has now provided the best help for you to seek for such information. If in the past, retrieving Free Public Divorce Records is a hassle, this time, it has been made doable at the comfort of your own home or office. Getting the report that you need in an instant doesnít entail going to your local government offices anymore. With your online computer, just pick the right service provider for you, pay a small cost and acquire the best results in no time at all.

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