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Controlling Divorce Costs

25th October 2010
By Adam Cairn in Divorce
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Controlling Divorce Costs

When you are considering or proceeding with a divorce, it can be an emotional and distressing time, it can often the expense involved in the divorce can contribute to that, particularly if you are unsure about how much it will cost. If you can spend some time reading up on divorce proceedings and the law, then it will help you find the right solicitor and be sure about exactly what it is you hope to achieve, which will ultimately reduce the cost you will incur.

Negotiating agreements with your spouse can reduce the cost of a solicitor, but often these agreements are strained under the pressure involved in a divorce, and break agreements previously made. Solicitors can help communicate negotiations with you and your spouse, and so their costs depend on their level of involvement.

The cost of a divorce also greatly depends on your individual circumstances, such as whether there are children or marital property involved. Agreeing and organising child support, guardianship or visitation will take time and money, and is the type of thing a solicitor should discuss with you on the initial consultation. If relations between you and your spouse have deteriorated then a solicitor can help prepare you for the courtroom.

It’s all these types of complications that mean a one-size-fits-all price tag cannot be placed on divorces. The initial consultation is the time to be as open an honest with the solicitor about your circumstances, so you can reasonably foresee the cost. Despite the best laid plans, however, no solicitor can see into the future and there can be unforeseen obstacles and unexpected costs.

In terms of itemising the cost of a divorce, as well as court cost fees, documentation fees and expert fees, a solicitor will usually charge an hourly rate for his or her services. One easy way to minimise the price of a divorce is by keeping good records and keeping your documents well-organised.

Remember that solicitors are paid an hourly rate for their legal advice, whether that is delivered in person or over the phone. Nobody can realy foresee the cost of a divorce, but you can have a pretty good guess based on the level of agreement reached between partners (and the likelihood of that agreement disappearing), as well as particular circumstances such as children and property. The more that spouses can agree on before proceeding with the divorce, the smaller the price will tend to be.

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