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Bringing Your Bride Home on a UK Spouse Thailand Visa

21st April 2011
By Ramiro Little in Immigration Law
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All I am trying to say is that there just might be a possibility that it might not apply in your case. Hence, each application is completely different from the other. So, do not look out for shortcuts, instead give it your best shot!

It is agreed that marriage certificate is an important document to be submitted as proof in case of a spouse application. However, it might not be the only document required to be submitted with your application. It might turn out to be fine in some cases, where as in others, if not looked into might lead to rejection. Thus, submit all the relevant documents which might be looked into for this purpose. After all, it is always better to look into the details and play safe rather than getting rejected. More so, every single document is considered as pieces of evidence which would make your case stronger. With this, witnesses present in person would also aid to the way your application is looked into.

One more common error committed by applicants is not consulting the right people for this purpose. Relying on friends and family relatives would definitely give an insight. However, their case might be different from yours. UK Spouse Visa Requirements

There are two important qualifications that you and your Thai spouse need to satisfy when applying a UK spouse visa. These are your on-going marital relationship and your financial position in the UK. Proving your marital relationship requires the original copy of your marriage certificate. If it's in Thai, have it translated into English and legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This translation procedure would apply to all of your spouse's documents in Thai. Another piece of evidence that you can show are your pictures during your engagement ceremony and during the wedding. Proving that you have an on-going relationship with your spouse will require you to show pieces of evidence ranging from correspondence exchanges i.e. emails, letters, postcards, etc, photos together, and money transfer receipts, telephone bills to boarding passes to Thailand and hotel bookings. Your relationship should have stood the test of time. Say a year or two. You would also need to write a letter about your relationship- relating its highlights i.e. how did you meet and how your relationship has developed.

Your Thai spouse would also need to undergo IOM or a medical check up to check if she has Tuberculosis. In order to affirm this requirement, you need to submit your bank statements from the last six months, at least 3 months recent pay slips, employment certificate, mortgage or contract with the landlord, house title deed, and even photographs of your house including every room.

3. Both you and your wife should be at least 21 years old.

4. Your wife must pass the medical examination to be facilitated at a first class hospital and the examination for her English communication skills to be conducted by various testing centers.

Taking care of all these immigration requirements for a UK Spouse Visa Thailand can be very difficult if you do it on your own. You can spare yourself from unnecessary expenses, wasted time and useless effort by enlisting the services of reputable and competent US Visa lawyers in Thailand who will guide and assist you through the whole visa application process.
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