Mesriani Law Group's Articles en-us Wrongful Termination – A Violation of Public Policy Workers are protected against wrongful termination which is clearly a case of public policy violation. Public policy, be it under state or federal provisions, guards workers' rights especially those who are not represented by any unions or labor groups. M... 08th July 2010 Grounds for Wrongful Discharge offense Being terminated doesn't always mean you are at fault: it may be the employer's fault. Examine carefully the reasons why you are fired. If you discover that it has discrimination or retaliation motives, you can file for Wrongful Discharge lawsuit. Kno... 19th May 2010 Symptoms of head and spinal cord injuries Head and Spinal Cord Injuries may arise from accidents such as vehicular, industrial, pedestrian, and slip or fall. The head and spinal cord damage suffered from such accidents are serious no matter how small the fracture is. Medical treatment for head... 19th May 2010 Symptoms of bone injury due to accident Car, truck, or motorcycle accident often causes broken/ fractured bones injury. The damage can be minor to major depending on the severity of the impact to the human body. Bone injury can be open or closed fracture. Open injury occurs when the bone pu... 13th May 2010 Steps to follow during a vehicle collision If you are both a car owner and driver, chances are you will be involved in a car accident at least once in your life. A vehicle collision or a car accident is due to a lot of factors. Some of these are poor road conditions and infrastructure, median ... 13th May 2010 First aid treatment for Whiplash/Neck Injuries Whiplash and neck sprain usually occurs when the neck is forced extremely forward and backward, or rotated. It typically happens during vehicular accident, slip, trip or fall accident, and industrial accidents when muscles in the ligaments and muscles of ... 13th May 2010 Significance of Right to Work law The Right to Work law provides employees with the option to join or not join a union. Employees who are employed in airlines, railways, and federal enclaves are not entitled to such option. The Right to work law also gives the employees the choice to fina... 13th May 2010 Employment Attorneys: Seeking Legal Advice Los Angeles is a busy city with thousands of employers and millions of employees. Everyday a huge number of these employees is wrongfully treated and even terminated because of improper reasons. Like every citizen, employees also have their rights at ... 13th April 2010 Learning How to Handle a Personal Injury Case Personal injury cases can be caused by several things. But one thing is for sure – there is always someone responsible, and that person needs to compensate for the victim’s expenses. Now if you have been the victim of an accident and you want ... 13th April 2010 All You Need to Know About Spinal Cord Injuries Spinal cord injury is one of the leading causes of death in the United States with over 8,000 victims each year. This kind of injury can cause a major change in the person's personal and professional life. Most of the time, spinal cord injury patients... 13th April 2010 What to Do After Getting into a Car Accident Car accidents are inevitable. At least once in your lifetime you will experience getting hit by another vehicle. The property damages and physical injuries of such accidents can be life-changing, so you better know what to do in case you get into one. ... 13th April 2010 Truck Accidents: Take it to the Experts There is an increasing number of truck related accidents in the last 10 years, killing thousands of innocent lives and injuring even more people. In relation to this, truck drivers and owners alike should become more careful in their operations to ensure ... 13th April 2010 Slip, Trip and Fall: Who is to Blame? If you slipped, tripped, or fell on other people’s property and have hurt yourself, who will be responsible? Yearly, thousands of people ask this very same question. They are wondering how they could recover the medical expenses they paid because of... 13th April 2010 Reminders on Preventing SUV Rollover Accidents Have you ever watched vehicle rollover scenes in action films? If you think they are as cool and exciting as they seem in real life - you are definitely wrong. Rollover accidents in Los Angeles, especially those involving SUVs, are considered the most dan... 13th April 2010 Understanding Personal Injury Statute of Limitation Filing a personal injury lawsuit against an offender is a good idea because you will be able to exercise your rights. However, there are certain limitations and considerations that you should first fulfill to carry on with your complaint. The personal... 13th April 2010 How to be Protected from Religious Discrimination Many kinds of discriminations occur in the workplace. People often discriminate other individuals based on their age, skin color, educational background, and even gender. Aside from these another issue that is being talked about by many nowadays is religi... 13th April 2010 Facts and Tips: Preventing Retaliation for a Discrimination Claim Many employees nowadays are starting to understand their employment rights and privileges. As a result they now take legal actions and file complaints for any discrimination done to them by their employer. However, employers who were sued discrimination c... 13th April 2010 Facing a DUI or DWI Case? Seek Legal Assistance One of the most common causes of vehicle accidents in the U.S. is Driving under the Influence (DUI) or also known as Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). Collisions involving drunk drivers are also considered more dangerous than those caused by drivers who ar... 13th April 2010 Legal Solutions to Fix a Wrongful Termination In most states in the United States, employees work for companies “at will”, meaning there is no formal contract between the employee and the company. State laws say that “at will” employments can be ended by the company at any tim... 13th April 2010 How to Take Care of Motorcycle Accidents Statistics shows motorcycle accidents are among the most fatal vehicle accidents. In a study conducted in 2008, this type of accident is considered one of the most common causes of death for people between the ages 6 to 33 in the United States. Indeed mot... 13th April 2010 Pedestrian Accidents and How to Avoid Them Accidents that occur on the road are not just limited to vehicle accidents. An increasing percentage of these accidents involve people. Pedestrians, as they are identified in traffic terms, can be anybody who is either crossing the street or walking on th... 13th April 2010 Understanding the Damages of Age Discrimination Age discrimination in the workplace is strictly prohibited by the government. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) is a law that protects employees who are 40 years old or older from discrimination. There are many ways and means that give rise ... 13th April 2010 How to Deal with Bicycle Accidents Biking in a busy city like Los Angeles is like freezing time for a moment. You can get away from the city’s busy streets and hectic lifestyle and enjoy its different fantastic views and keep yourself fit at the same time. However, while it is very b... 13th April 2010 Surpassing a Facial Injury Face disorders or injuries can affect a person's appearance and induce physical and emotional pain. In a number of cases, it can affect breathing, speech, sight, and the ability in swallowing. Broken bones of the jaw, nose, and cheekbone are some of the t... 15th March 2010 Protection and Harm Caused by Seatbelt Use Protection Provided by Seatbelts According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), seatbelts are responsible for saving the lives about 13,000 in the United States annually. In addition, the agency estimated that about 7,000 ... 15th March 2010 Children and Swimming Pool Accidents Abigail Taylor was a 6-year-old girl who experienced catastrophic injury and extreme suffering because of a swimming pool accident. According to reports, she was hospitalized after a fraction of her intestinal tract was torn out by a suction pump when she... 15th March 2010 Liability in Golf Course Accidents and Injuries Dangers of Playing GolfTiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Sam Snead, and Francis Ouimet are just some of the people who became famous due to their skills in playing golf. The popularity of this sport has been boosted significantly in the recent years, making it ... 15th March 2010 ODAR Hearings and the Other Appeal Levels Not all applications for Social Security benefits are approved because the Social Security Administration (SSA) often initially find majority of the applicants unqualified to receive such benefits. Applicants whose application was rejected are entitled fo... 15th March 2010 Determining Liability in Parking Lot Accidents Parking lot accidents can cause confusion and disagreement among the involved parties. No actual laws have been enacted concerning this kind of accident in shops or malls so when it does occur, parties usually disagree in establishing with who is at fault... 15th March 2010 Protecting Employee Rights and Benefits in the Workplace Employment law covers all kinds of rights, benefits, and duties within the relationship of both employers and employees. The complexity of their relationship is managed by the different rules under this law. Employers are required to control the power... 15th March 2010 Providing Compensation to People with Catastrophic Injuries Overview of Catastrophic InjuriesCatastrophic injury often happens suddenly, without prior warning because of a disease or the occurrence of an accident. Such injuries may be viewed as catastrophic when a person’s life and the capacity to earn money... 15th March 2010 Explosive Fire and Burn Injury for the Youth Burn Injury: Degrees and Usual VictimsBurn injury involves damage to the skin or other parts of the body caused by different factors such as an explosive fire or contact with hot chemicals or objects. It can cause severe suffering to a person because it d... 15th March 2010 The Danger Brought by Big Rigs Big rig accidents can be more deadly compared to an ordinary road accident. Due to the size and weigh disparity between this kind of truck and an ordinary car, a collision involving the two is more likely to cause severe or fatal injuries.In pursuing a cl... 15th March 2010 Employer’s Duty in Avoiding Workplace Issues Workplace issues in Los Angeles may be solved through mediation or by filing a lawsuit. However, the legal process that should be followed may be difficult and time consuming for both parties. Certain measures should be taken by employers so that a go... 15th March 2010 A Deeper Knowledge about Boat and Cruise Ship Accidents Exploring the deep waters can arouse a sense of excitement for some because they view it as an adventure. However, the occurrence of boats and cruise ship accidents continue to endanger the lives of people who travel along different bodies of water. Bo... 15th March 2010 Proving Negligence and Receiving Auto Accident Compensation Claim It is common knowledge that auto accidents can inflict physical injury or damage a property. Some people file police reports only when the incident has produced minor damages. However, when the accident causes injury or deaths, the issue of auto accident ... 15th March 2010 Baby Crib Defect Resulting to Accidents A child's safety should always be a top of priority of parents as well as the manufacturers of products that they commonly use. Ironically, a lot of reported child death is a result of defective products that manufacturers have failed to control and k... 11th March 2010 Workplace Retaliation Are You Experiencing It? The employment retaliation committed against an employee is often manifested through unfair treatment and unreasonable demotion at work as well as wrongful termination. All of these things will greatly affect a person's source of income and productivity.B... 02nd March 2010 Motor Disabilities Caused by Car Accidents For every 14 seconds, a person is injured by car accidents in the United States, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In a recent study, researchers found that majority of traffic-related injuries resulted to parapl... 05th January 2010 California Worker’s Compensation and the Employer’s Responsibility in Work-related Injuries Under California law, most private employers are required to provide their employees with worker's compensation after suffering from work-related injuries and illnesses. The claim will cover the worker's medical expenses, loss of wages, and disability. ... 05th January 2010 Liabilities of Taxi Operators and Drivers Taxi operators and drivers have a legal obligation to provide safety for their passengers and to practice due diligence to prevent traffic accidents. Taxi Operators' Liabilities as an Employer In general, most private employers are liable for the in... 05th January 2010 Medicare and Medicaid: Health Insurance for Disabled and Poor People Medicare Vs Medicaid Medicare is a federal health insurance that provides monthly payments to seniors, disabled people, and dialysis patients to allow them afford their medical needs and pay their hospital expenses. Beneficiaries of this federal ins... 05th January 2010 Determining the Amount of Compensation for Car Accident Victims In an automobile accident, the amount of compensation given to victims is affected by their own conduct and the actions of the drivers who cause the injury. To determine the approximate amount of compensation the plaintiffs should receive, most courts ... 10th December 2009 Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) Claims Processes FEHA claims and hearings usually deal with sexual harassment and other discrimination suits in California. FEHA or the Fair Employment and Housing Act, is a statute of California which provides protection from employment discrimination based on race, c... 12th November 2009 The Difference between Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Sexual harassment and misconduct claims are legal actions against behaviors that are sexual in nature in the workplace. Although the two terms are normally used interchangeably, there is a difference between sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. ... 27th October 2009