Adam Cairn's Articles en-us Divorce Documents – Bringing Marriage To An End Marriage is a great thing, and the joining of two people in holy matrimony brings families and friends together in joy and celebration. Despite this not all couples are “happy ever after” and a surprising proportion of them still end abruptly in divorce. ... 29th July 2011 Saving Money With DIY Divorce We all know that divorce can be expensive, especially if bitter partners are squabbling about every bank account and asset which they share, but an increasing number of people are managing to reduce the cost of lawyers or solicitors by taking more control... 18th May 2011 Controlling Divorce Costs Controlling Divorce Costs When you are considering or proceeding with a divorce, it can be an emotional and distressing time, it can often the expense involved in the divorce can contribute to that, particularly if you are unsure about how much it will... 25th October 2010