Neil Worrall - Camps Solicitors's Articles en-us How Much is My Hand Injury Claim Worth? Today I will be concluding the series of articles that began last week relating to arm injuries. This time we have moved on from the elbow, and the wrist, to the end of the arm - the hand. The hand is the most complex part of the arm, containing 27 bon... 18th May 2009 How Much is My Arm Injury Compensation Claim Worth? One of the questions accident solicitors get asked most often is "How much is my accident claim worth?" Many of our clients are understandably anxious to receive compensation to cover the costs of any treatments they might need after their accident, or be... 18th May 2009 Charles Dickens – Accidents, Compensation and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder On first impressions, you might not think there is a link between Victorian author Charles Dickens and compensation claims in the 21st century, but you would be wrong. In fact Charles Dickens experiences in a train crash nearly 150 years ago closely resem... 29th April 2009 Leg Amputation Compensation - Typical Compensation Claim Figures Adapting to life after an amputation can be a very difficult process; you might require specialist help, such as training on the use of an artificial limb, or assistance with tasks such as getting washed and dressed each day. These costs will be recovered... 29th April 2009 Leg Injury Compensation Claim Amounts - How Much Can I Claim? Whilst judging compensation amounts is entirely dependent on the individual circumstances of each individual's accident, publications such as the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines give some idea of the likely level of compensation a particular injury will... 29th April 2009 400,000 Compensation Claim for Cut Finger Case Reveals Effect of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Newspapers and websites have been heavily publicizing the case of a mechanic who received £400,000 after injuring his hand on a knife left in a police vehicle. The man, Alexander Darg, developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in the seven yea... 09th April 2009