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Medical Malpractice

Medical Negligence and your rights

26th November 2009
Medical care is a legal right every individual needs and has, however as a patient we expect the best medical care available to us.Medical negligence comes into play if at any point, the medical practitioner does not uphold the minimum expected standards....
Accident claims

Car Accident Claims and Types of Damages

12th November 2009
Careless driving, slippery surfaces and inadequate safety measures while driving are considered amongst the most prevalent causes of road accidents. Accidents occur mainly due to negligence either yours or someone else's. In an accident where one car rams...
Medical Malpractice

Medical negligence soars in Cambridgeshire hospital

23rd October 2009
The National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) has revealed that staff at Cambridgeshire hospitals, have caused five deaths, due to medical negligence. The new figures from the group are based on a six-month period and exposes details of blunders involving NHS...
Accident claims

Accident Claims Industry Making Changes

08th August 2009
Accident claims are shaking up in parts of the Asian continent. In Korea, the Korea Insurance Development Institute, is calling for industrial accident compensation insurance - currently under a government monopoly - should be open to private insurance c...
Personal Injury

Injury Lawyer's Concerns Over Grayrigg Rail Crash

09th July 2009
An injury lawyerinjury lawyer has spoken out about his concerns that the fatal rail Grayrigg rail crash could be repeated and that lessons have not be learned.Andrew Tucker the head of personal injury at a law firm, which represented clients who were inju...