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Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuits Filed

08th December 2011
By wattwatt8 in Law
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Actos Lawsuit -- File an Actos Lawsuit to Seek Compensation

Actos is one of the most popular drugs for type 2 diabetes mellitus in U.S. and Europe market. Approximately more than two million people in U.S. consumed this drug alone in 2010 as an anti-diabetic drug. Takeda Pharmaceuticals Ltd manufactures Actos, and this company is one of the pharmaceutical giants in the United States. Actos was approved by US-FDA in July 15, 1999, and after that, this drug developed a huge market in U.S. and Europe within a few years. In 2008, its sale exceeded $2.4 billion in United States, and it is estimated that around 10 million people have already taken this drug.

Actos has developed a huge market of outstanding sales in the market, but it has shown to develop several potentially fatal side effects. Several recent studies suggest that Actos may be linked with an increased risk of bladder cancer, and it can also cause or exacerbate heart failure, lactic acidosis and liver problems. Therefore, if you took diabetes medication Actos and unfortunately developed bladder cancer or affected by the other side effects of this drug, you may be able to claim compensation for your suffering and damages through an Actos lawsuit.

Actos and Bladder Cancer Link

On September 17, 2010, the US-FDA first issued a warning about Actos and bladder cancer. On that day, they announced that an increased risk of bladder cancer might be associated with Actos. Later, on June 15, 2011, another safety announcement was issued by US-FDA, and they announced that taking Actos for more than a year might increase the risk of bladder cancer in patients. For this announcement, FDA reviewed data from a five-year short-term analysis of a planned ongoing ten-year epidemiological study. The result of this short-term analysis illustrated that the number of patients, who used Actos for a long time and with higher dosages, were shown to develop an increased risk of bladder cancer. Moreover, another epidemiological study funded by the French government found an increased risk of bladder cancer with Actos, and the French Agency for the Safety of Health Products recalled Actos from their market on June 9, 2011. The regulators in Germany also recommended physicians not to prescribe Actos. However, the US-FDA didn't recall Actos from the U.S. market, but the agency recommended adding the information about the risk to the warning and precaution part of the label of Actos. They also recommended including the risk of bladder cancer information in the patient medication guide.

Contact us to file your Actos lawsuit

If you, your family member, or your loved one took Actos and unfortunately developed bladder cancer or exposed to the potential side effects, please contact the PH Law Firm immediately for a free case evaluation. You can visit or call the National Actos bladder cancer hotline: 1-888-604-3438 We can assist you to file your Actos lawsuit, and to find out your eligibility for filing an Actos lawsuit. You need to know that there is a time limit for filing an Actos lawsuit. Therefore, we encourage you to submit your case immediately to review by one of our attorneys, and he will evaluate your case to find out your legal rights. Another thing you need to know that we are charging no fees unless we obtain a successful recovery for you.

PH Law Firm represents every day people harmed by pharmaceutical drugs like Actos and medical devices. These law suits help make all of us safer by holding drug companies accountable for their failure to be honest about the harmful effects of their drugs. You can reach PH Law Firm at their national hotline at 1-888-604-3438 or visite their website at For more information about Actos Lawsuit please visit us.
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