Divorce Lawyer In Chicago Dreams Are Never the Reality

By: KevinStout | Posted: 15th November 2011

The word Divorce conjures up an image of pain and anxiety in every one's mind. The good thing is that today's society no longer consider divorce to be a stigma and does not look down upon women who are single and divorced. Couples getting a divorce has become very common today. It is not only the young couples who are just married who run the risk of divorcing, but even those who have been married for decades tend to divorce too.It has become common for us to see our relatives and friends who have been couples and married for over twenty years breaking up suddenly.When you get this kind of a unexpected news, it hits you pretty badly making you sit down and think about relationships.

Women have always risen above their self and putting themselves behind, they have looked at playing the perfect wife, the perfect mother and the home maker. But things have changed and women are no longer willing to play down their own identify as well as aspirations. Naturally as young girls every girl dreams and believes in fairy tale weddings and romantic stories. But then once she is through with her college and takes up a job, her understanding of life begins to change. If her parents happen to divorce at this time, she is thrown into another world suddenly or her world comes crashing down. Such things do happen normally in life pushing one to grow up and think differently.

Normally in such cases the girls still continue to look for prince charming and do manage to get married. In the beginning the marriage looks rosy and they start off on the right foot and soon life begins to turn normal. They find that relations in real life are totally different. Even if the man turns out to be the perfect man of her dreams, the fact of the matter is that she has evolved and her own ideas of perfect relationship are no longer relevant in the real world.

The next two decades fly past as the woman gets busy at her work, carving a niche for herself in her career, managing a growing family, being a mother , a wife with no thought for the self. The day begins with playing multiple roles and attending to multiple tasks till the end of the day. Somewhere along both the husband and wife drift away from one another and the man at some point of time can choose to leave home and seek his happiness elsewhere.If the man were to leave home, the woman is left devastated not knowing where she went wrong and failed in her marriage as well as relationship. She will remember the sacrifices that she has had to make for the sake of the family and for her husband keeping aside her self- interest. She would have given up all that she has and move to another town to start a new life all over again, just because she wanted him to go ahead and start his new business in new town. It is quite possible that she thinks of herself to be a failure. Some along the man would have felt threatened and not comfortable with his super achiever wife who seems to be much better than himself.He has stopped trying to walk with her at some point of time and she hasn't been able to realise this. The reality however is that they are through with the relationship. Whatever the woman wishes to make things happen and try harder the fact is that the relationship has ended and there is no future in here now. Divorce seems to be the best option in such cases, don't you think so?

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