Girl Scout Patches Are They Still Effective.

By: aarenbrowns | Posted: 23rd September 2011

Girl Scout patches are an iconic part of Girl Scout life. Scouts are able to do certain tasks in a range of areas and receive rewarding patches to commemorate their accomplishments. While this has been a time honored tradition in the group for a number of years, there are people out there who question how effective those patchy pieces are anymore. Do embroidered patches still have the same impact they once did or are there better forms of rewards out there for scouts in the modern world? The analysis below should point to that conclusion.

One of the main reasons that custom Scout patches are so great is because they are affordable to purchase but they still allow for a reward system to be in place. These simple pieces may not seem like much to people outside the troop, but inside, they are marks of greatness. Scouts take pride in being able to wear their patches because they know how accomplished they are. They can look back at all of them and feel proud of what they have been able to do thus far. Few other organizations out there offer a reward system like this, and it may be one of the things that have made the Scouts so successful over the years.

Girl Scout patches are also great in the sense that they can be worn at all times. Unlike medals or trophies that can only be put on display in cabinets, patches can be worn at any time. That gives the girls a better chance to show what they have done and act as an inspiration to their troop members to reach certain goals in their activities. This is one of the most effective reward systems out there because of this, and it is so simple to work with. You can get Girl Scout patches for your troop with few issues at all, and they will make a big difference in how you members respond to each other in the end.

While these patches may seem antiquated nowadays, they still serve as a fantastic source of reward for the girls who are out there making themselves a little bit better. Other organizations have adopted this idea for themselves because of how effective it is, and there is no signs of the classic patch system going away any time soon. I you are a troop leader without patches in mind, reconsider your leadership directions.
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