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By: petercorp22 | Posted: 05th September 2011

Everyone knows that the dropship business is basically meant for trading of wholesale goods. In this method of business, the large quantity of goods is delivered to the customer directly from the manufacturer. Mostly used by wholesalers, drop shipping has several advantages. The goods can be delivered in less time, the large quantities do not need to be stocked separately and even smaller retailers can take big orders and use this facility to deliver goods directly from the manufacturer straight to the customer.

How to Find the Right Dropship Supplier and Buyer

There are a whole lot of drop shippers. To find the right one at the right time is a difficult task. But, this difficult task is made easy by the drop shipper’s directory, which is available online. In this trade directory, the wholesalers, retailers, buyers, drop shippers and suppliers all come together on one platform. Thus, it becomes very easy to locate the desired wholesalers, dropship suppliers, buyers and retailers.

The dropship companies can become a member of the online trade directory and get visibility for their products. The prospective buyers are always there looking for goods, deals and comparing prices. They go through the drop shippers list in their desired category. Once the buyers, retailers or importers are satisfied with the price and quality of the goods on offer, they can place the order. Now, the drop shipper has to ensure that the goods of required quality and quantity are delivered properly.

Beneficial For All Traders

It is very easy to find dropship suppliers under a certain category. Suppose a wholesale retailer is searching for designer clothing, then he/she can look for the required drop shipper under the drop shipper’s category. Under this category, there are sub-categories such as clothing, accessories and jewelry and so on. For example, under the desired sub-category of designer clothes wholesaler, a buyer can find a drop shipper for designer clothes.

The dropship suppliers also have the advantage of getting listed on the online trade directory. They get exposure to a range of trade buyers and wholesalers; they get better visibility and thus better chances of large orders. Clearance stockers, auction houses, factory outlets, small and large departmental chain retailers all come together in this forum. The online UK trade directory is actually a virtual market place abuzz with activity every minute of the day.

Even importers are listed on the directory because they also need dropship suppliers for trade of the different type of goods available. The members of the trade directories can track their advertising performance, get regular buyer enquiry alerts, get more visibility for the product and business, which helps them in keeping ahead of the competition.

All the members of the wholesale trade directory get access to online trade articles, eBooks, information about trade fairs and exhibitions, access to exclusive buyers and sellers, auction houses and surplus stock holders. The dropship suppliers and other members can avail of premium membership by paying a fee. This premium membership has its own benefits such as top listings under given categories, information about thousands of exclusive wholesale sources and websites.

The dropship suppliers get better visibility and they can give a brief description of their company along with their products in their profile. They can create different profiles for different categories and get listed in five different categories for the same products. This is a very effective way of reaching out to prospective buyers and target customers who are genuinely interested in wholesale trade.
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