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By: rekhar0011 | Posted: 09th June 2011

Best comforts with Car Hire
Surrounded by the astonishing Navarra Mountains and mature vineyards Pamplona is the exquisite land of wines, historical brilliance of Spain, Spain folklore and not to forget running of the bullís celebration. But to enjoy the most of it, it is quite difficult to travel with local buses as they are both uncomfortable and does not allow privacy and freedom of choice. Though they are cheaper source of travel, many people prefer the concept of Car Hire Pamplona Airport. The offices of the car hire agencies are located within the Airport premises so that a traveler may get the service as soon as possible. The car rental services provide good condition cars which can be utilized according to preference without depending on local medium of transport.

Booking Preference

Majority of the car rental companies have websites which can be located by searching on the internet. They provide in their websites the availability of the various cars and booking information so that it helps the customers to refer. In the portal itself, the desired car can be checked and quotation may be asked to get the idea of the cost. This process should be done with other car hire companies to match the details and crack the best deal. There are online advance booking available which ensures availability of cars as well as price bargain even in the rush time of the summers.

Car Rental companies

rent car Spain is a popular choice for travelers the reason why it has become a much competitive market with different branded companies trying to provide the best comfort and service. The popular companies are National Car, Alamo, Thrifty, Avis, sixt, Hertz and many others. They also have a host of various cars ranging from small cars to bigger vans for larger family. For infants or small kids, special seats can be taken by giving extra money.
Customer Service
The best part of Pamplona Car hire guide, Spain is the customer service of various rental companies. They ensure understanding of policies and help customers with every small detail of the formalities. Even during fill up of forms or regarding any difficulty it is the customer service that helps the most. They are available 24/7 over the phone as well as email and fax to solve any queries.

Facilities with Car Rental

Other than the already described advantages of car hire there is another quality which is admired by all and that is the discount and offers at several period round the year. Each company has policies of offering discount on the rates and also with the rising competition, cheap rates are no longer difficult to get. Also there are other facilities like unlimited mileage, collision damage waiver, liability insurance, vehicle theft waiver, twenty four hours assistance on the road and road fund tax waiver. However these facilities may change from one company to another the reason why the charges need to be well confirmed before accepting the deal.
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