30- Challenges about immigration in Canada

By: Terry | Posted: 11th May 2011

Do you desire to start your new established Canada Immigration? Don't think you are alone who think this. People who are contemplating their new own life in Canada legally have been increasing steadily. The crime rate of Canada is low and it has good economy that tends to welcome all Immigrants for coming and living. But do you think it is the truth?

Actually 70% of all immigrants, new in Canada, report hassles a little in settling here. Many immigrants already have their friends and family who help those new immigrants assimilate in Canada. If not possible, there are still many groups of Immigration consultants who help new immigrants for making the transition. Among the new immigrants most of them find work here less than one year. It may work on almost all sectors and fields of their economy.

There is also found that, many of the immigrants, almost 90%, tend to flock with the ethnic groups.
As Canada has society of multi-ethnic, like United states, the new immigrants find people of their own country quickly who are already become established . Many of those create a bridge to the dividation of culture and also establish a new friendship among various ethnicities in Canada.

Weather Barrier

The main impediments to get settled is the weather. It boasts some coldest months of winter in Canada in along the Western Homosphere. The cause is that the continents are close enough to the North Pole and the Arctic' Circle. The problem is become compounding by the reason is that many new immigrants to Canada have come from tropics in where remain warm weather relatively all around the year.


On one hand it's true while the system of Canada immigration only desires people who are legalized and have a formal skill, on the other hand there is still stiff competition in Canada for jobs.

The cause is that on the entire planet Canada has one of the largest literacy rates . But when a person desires to increase to the corridors of blue-collar, then one should be the well educated person and should have experience and skills. The newcomers can only have little rudimentary knowledge about inner workings of an highly advanced economy's and this may hinder assimilation here.


In Canada the predominant languge are French and English. The especially dominant language is French in various states ,example is Quebec. When immigrants are coming from states like West Africa where French is dominant then they face no problem, but there may not happen same case with immigrants of English-speaking. Before being fully assimilated into Canadian workforce one may see themselves in either French or English classes.
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