Massachusetts Income Tax Relief and Unfiled Taxes

By: Darwin Smith | Posted: 26th February 2011

Various forms of Massachusetts income tax relief have been established to ease the tax burden for many citizens. An awareness of these tax relief options is very important information for tax filers to have in order to ensure the accuracy of their tax returns prior to submission. Several items enjoy tax exempt status which results in reduced taxes. These include the following categories:
Apparel and Fabric Goods
Food and Meals
Health Care Items
Some Household Items
Reading Material and Stationery
The Massachusetts tax relief program impacts on several areas of taxation including those listed above. For more detailed information, refer to the relevant statutes and regulations. The following is a review of some of the more common forms of tax relief in Massachusetts:

Estates of up to $1 million are included in Massachusetts income tax relief. Estates with a value in excess of this amount are excluded.
Food and meals are generally granted tax relief. Any food purchased with federal food stamps is also exempt. Specific statutes guide tax relief exemptions for healthcare items.
With the exception of seeds and planting products, most household items are not tax exempt in Massachusetts. Fuel is a commodity that usually receives tax exempt status.

Filing tax returns is a statutory obligation for most individuals and businesses. Failure to timely file tax returns can result in serious consequences with the IRS. Unfiled tax returns often culminate with devastating fines, IRS seizures and criminal sanctions. Not everyone is required to file tax returns. Some are exempt from filing. Determinant factors are income, filing status and age. For details on whether or not one is required to file tax returns, contact a local IRS office or a tax representative. Business tax returns may be required even when loss years occur.

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