Schoolteacher goes lacking eight days following husband files for divorce

By: Lon Buck | Posted: 17th February 2011

SAN RAFAEL, California - A San Rafael schoolteacher that went lacking is suspected to have been dealing with emotionally very difficult instances, which could have played a position in her disappearance.

Debra Schmitt, 53, certainly not confirmed up on Jan. twenty to educate her English class at Terra Linda Substantial College. Her keys were in the classroom and she had written "Thank you everyone" on the chalkboard.

Schmitt was battling by a divorce and had misplaced three shut family above the past yr. These tumultuous happenings could have lead to her disappearance.

Schmitt's husband filed for divorce just eight days ahead of she was very last noticed, explained her cousin, Linda Czarnik. Her aunt died in Might possibly of very last 12 months and a cousin died in October. Another relative, a police officer in New Jersey, had been killed by a suspected drunken driver on Thanksgiving.

Schmitt and her husband have a son who is in the eighth grade. She had been instructing at Terra Linda for ten a long time and taught at Stuyvesant Superior School in New York and Penn State University in preceding a long time.

In accordance to police, there were no indicators that Schmitt was kidnapped or attacked. She neither appeared suicidal nor intent on disappearing. Her car, purse and IDs had been found at her home in Ross.

Police have searched neighboring places but have not appear up with any leads.

Czarnik can't envision that her cousin would do something to hurt herself, regardless of the emotionally hoping periods she has been heading by. "[Debra is] a quite robust man or woman, physically and emotionally. She is a hard cookie. She was generally warm in her words, her conversation, her mindset, at minimum with me."

Czarnik and Schmitt exchanged emails the day prior to her disappearing. She brought up the divorce and explained she would call her later about it. She also explained she was still living at household.

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