How Soon Shall I Renew My passport?

By: Martin Valence | Posted: 09th February 2011

Passport renewal should always be done in advance before they expire or before going on an overseas trip. The process of renewing the passport takes several stages, but they are all easy to read, understand and follow. However, a lot of attention needs to be applied failure to which delays may be made in issuing of a new one. Replacement needs to be done immediately its reported missing, stolen, mutilated, altered, name changed or damaged. The law does prosecute individuals who have mutilated or altered their passports. Passports that are almost expired should be renewed immediately because:

o An expired passport will make it hard for you to travel back to the USA.
o Almost all countries expect that the passport be valid for the next 6 months before they enter a country.
o A passport that has expired cannot be held as evidence for being a citizen in a country.
o An expired passport limits your traveling, as you cannot be allowed to enter into another country with a passport that has already expired.

The passport is used to certify one's citizenship or right to be in the US. One can make a passport renewal via mail if and only they meet the following conditions:
o If the passport hasn't been damaged in any particular way, you can then submit it for application.
o The first one was issued when you were already over the age of 16.
o The passport was issued not over 15 years back.
o If the passport carries the names that you still use to date

If one fails to meet all of the above qualifications, they then have to make the application in person at the US immigration officers. US Passport holders who are outside the USA, with the exemption of Canada can renew their passports in their respective US Consulate or Embassies. As for those in Canada, they have to make a submission of Form DS-82: Application for US Passport Application by Mail. They should be sent to the address on the application form.

If you are need urgent passport renewal, you should book an appointment with a regional passport agency. This is however allowed if the passport has to be used for international travel in the next two weeks or, the passport is needed to make one obtain a foreign visa within a month. Booking of an appointed is made through the national passport information center.

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