10 Personal injury causes that result in a compensation claim

By: Rob.Berry-Smith | Posted: 02nd February 2011

Personal injuries are often followed by a claim for compensation by the victim. Here are 10 injury causes that often lead to a claim.

1. A motorcycle accident can be extremely serious, with injuries ranging from minor knocks to fatalities. Whether you're the victim or the victim's family, a claim may be worth pursuing.

2. Likewise, if you have been involved in a car accident and it has caused you an injury that has had an impact on your life, you may want to seek legal support.

3. Trips and falls are perhaps the most common of all accidents and, while most will probably not cause an injury at all, others will cause broken bones, head injuries and much more.

4. Head injuries are also caused by falling items and depending on the height it fell from and what the item was, the consequences can be very serious.

5. If an accident or incident has resulted in you suffering from psychological trauma, you may still be entitled to compensation. Speak to a solicitor to find out.

6. Exposure to asbestos may have resulted in you contracting a serious industrial disease, such as mesothelioma or asbestosis. In either case, a claim is worth discussing.

7. Other industrial diseases including hearing problems, such as industrial deafness and tinnitus. Both can have a major impact on your life, so find out whether you are entitled to compensation.

8. If you were unharmed by the accident, but your possessions were damaged, you may still be able to claim for the loss.

9. If you have been injured by a defective product caused during the manufacturing process, you may require legal advice as to how to proceed with a claim.

10. Faulty equipment at work is also a common cause of injuries, particular those that are more serious. If this has happened to you, a claim may be worth talking to a solicitor about.

To discuss your entitlement to a no win no fee compensation claim, you'll need to find a good solicitor.

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