Solving Growing Pains For a Mid-sized Enterprise

By: Carlene Schnitzer | Posted: 21st January 2011

As businesses grow and prosper, their management needs grow larger in tandem. Entry level business solutions may start becoming inadequate in meeting the company’s requirements.

This problem is readily apparent in the accounting department. The multitude of transactions can quickly overwhelm a company that is caught unawares. It is advisable for businesses to look ahead and start implementing actions that can help mitigate and solve challenges that are just over the horizon. Waiting for the problems to actually arrive would set a bad precedent.

Data collection for customer and business contacts will also grow at an exponential rate. Eventually, it will reach a point where it becomes too large and unwieldy to use in any satisfactory manner. A good contact relationship management (CRM) application is a good solution to this dilemma. ACT is the leading CRM program today for a reason: with its plethora of powerful organizational features, it is an excellent choice to turn the burden of data overload into an asset.

The Peachtree complete accounting software suit is a very capable program for small businesses. However, as the company blossoms, the program may start to seem limited and insufficient. Unlike smaller companies, bigger corporations have more specialized and specific needs. They need faster and stronger access and control over the company’s data. This is an opportune time to start using a more robust accounting package like MAS90 or MAS200.

While updating a large company’s accounting infrastructure may be ultimately beneficial, it is inevitable that there will be a transition period where things might not run as smoothly as they once did in the old system. To minimize the effect as well as duration of this transfer, there is a variety of MAS training courses available for employees. The modules serve to swiftly familiarize the trainees with the controls and capabilities of both MAS90 and MAS200. This will effectively cut the downtime to an acceptable minimum.

Even harder than adopting a major upgrade to an existing system is the introduction of an entirely new data consolidation structure. Companies that are interested in appropriating ACT CRM for their operations need not worry over any significant learning curve. There are many options for employees to start ACT training online. Like in MAS, these sessions will enable the workers to quickly grasp the nuances of the program in order to most efficiently integrate it into their workflow.
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