Where Has Social Security Gone

By: Tikee Pittman | Posted: 12th October 2010

Social security is insurance money that is collected in a variety of ways. It is a tax that is taken out of everyoneís paycheck in order to support its program. This insurance plan was originally founded in 1935 under the Social Security Act. Its main purpose is to help those who are retired continue living on a wage that can support them.
A few of the programs that are running through social security include unemployment benefits, temporary assistance for needy families, and the Federal Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance program. Though these all sound like good and helpful ideas, there is a catch to every program. There are many people throughout the United States who arenít receiving the social security benefits they are owed. The rub is that many are being told they donít qualify or some other type of lie that doesnít make any sense.
In a society that can allow these things to happen, it is good to know there is always someone willing to fight for those who canít fight for themselves. A lawyer or law firm that specializes in Social Security cases will stand up for someone who may be less fortunate than most and requires the benefits they are supposed to be being provided. The rumor lately is that social security is dying and that there may not be any money left for the future generations. If we donít start fighting back now, we may lose any chance of collecting these benefits when we need them. Now is always a good time to start fighting for what our society deserves. If you are currently suffering from the loss of wages owed, call a skilled lawyer for a consult. They will be able to review your case and find the best means to help you collect. We should never give up on our rights, and never allow ourselves to squander needlessly.

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