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By: offthemainroad | Posted: 28th July 2010

Willie Cameron is an important figure in everything to do with fishing around Dalavich. He is the LAIA warden for the north side of Loch Awe and also for Loch Avich and his love of the sport is infectious.

Willie was brought up in rural Perthshire where his forebears had a great love of fishing which has been handed down through the generations. offthemainroad offer a range of fishing trips, trout fishing, fly fishing in Scotland which take place on some of the finest salmon fishing rivers in Scotland .

Willie's other great love is music. At the age of 18 he learned to play the guitar, having previously been introduced to the accordion at the tender age of 12. His musical talent led him to playing in various bands including the Grampian Television Band in Aberdeen and the Jim Muir Band in Dunblane and eventually on the Canberra of the P&O cruise line.

Ill health forced Willie to retire from his building business several years ago, but after a successful heart operation he has become more involved in voluntary work. As well as promoting fishing and music in the area, his involvement with the World Burns Federation has taken him as far afield as Moscow and recently at the Old School he set up a musical evening for a group of Italians who wanted to see how a "real" Scotsman addresses the haggis.

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