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By: jackauthors | Posted: 14th July 2010 provides general, current and interactive information regarding probate litigation and contested estates. This website is intended to provide the browser with general, current, interactive information written by an attorney whose practice is geared towards probate litigation and contested estates. The firm handles expert techniques to successfully and efficiently represent your clients in Contested Estate cases with their efficient Estate Litigation Attorney. When disputes arise between the executor of an estate and the potential beneficiaries of a will, a skilled estate litigation lawyer from the Law Offices of works to establish the true intentions of the decedent, and honor his or her last wishes. works closely with the relatives and potential heirs of an estate to resolve disputes over contested property, bank accounts, personal property, and real estate property. Their attorneys are committed to upholding their clients' best interests. This may mean going to court to vigorously fight a will contest. But if a protracted family property estate dispute will not prove cost-effective for a client, he believes in informing a client when the costs of proceeding with estate litigation may outweigh the benefits. They are prepared to handle any disputes that involve real property and they understand the many complexities and emotional factors that enter into a dispute over a will, and they works to ease families' confusions and frustrations. Estate Litigation Attorneys can help in contesting the authenticity of a will, determining the rightful executor of a will, litigate disputes between a will's executor and potential beneficiaries, petition for removal of executor due to abuse of fiduciary responsibilities. The authenticity of a will is one of the most frequently contested matters in estate litigation. If a will cannot be proved genuine and legitimate, questions arise as to the true intent of the decedent. If a will was composed under duress, undue influence, or pressure, the court cannot rely on the document to express the true intentions of the person who has passed on. Since this person can no longer speak for him or herself, capable mediator works with families, heirs, and descendants to determine how best to serve the final wishes of the deceased. If mediation fails, estate litigation attorney will go to court for a fair resolution. With a solid foundation in real estate law, any attorney in their firm is well-qualified to handle any complex dispute involving the distribution of real property. For fast, effective resolution of will contests, probate, or estate management disputes, contact estate litigation lawyer from today.
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