Pty Limited Company Setup Made Easy With A Company Formation Service

By: A Ketley | Posted: 07th July 2010

In Australia, you have many alternatives for company formation. You could have a sole proprietorship, a partnership or develop a proprietary limited company, that is otherwise identified as a Pty Ltd company.

A sole proprietorship or partnership is a really simple concept to get your head around, but lots of individuals don't have a clue what a Pty Ltd Company is. For that cause, several individuals look to company formation services to steer them through the pros and cons of company incorporation, to obtain the best kind of company for their wants.

A Pty Ltd company is a lawfully separate body with its own liability. It has shareholders that have limited liability for company debts. So, if a company goes bust, the worst that can happen to a shareholder is that they lose their stake.

Any one individual or a group of individuals can setup a Pty Ltd company. It's good for start-up business because of this and even because the company survives intact, even if a shareholder dies or files bankruptcy. Even, having this sort of company integration gives you better scope to find shareholders because even minors could have shares in these companies.

There is a downside, of course. The costs of company incorporation for Pty ltd companies tend to be higher. Also, with more shareholders, business can be slowed down and operational expenses higher. You will be taxed more heavily with this sort of company, too. It is not so simple to break up Pty ltd businesses, because of the involvement of shareholders, either.

Administrators of Pty Ltd companies bear a lot more liability as they have to abide by Corporation Law. They have to ensure all these rules and guidelines are followed, which could take plenty of time and energy.

Are Pty Ltd firms worth all the added trouble? Simply put - usually, yes they are. They have much more room for growth and development. New investors are easily attracted once you have this kind of company incorporation. So, if you are up for some additional work and putting in the money to start with, Pty Ltd companies are a sensible option for company formation.

Though, because of their intricacy, you would be highly recommended to look at a company formation service to aid you through all the legal, practical and financial aspects of setting up your company. They'll make sure that you have complete compliance with corporate law and also assist you with providing the paperwork to make your company incorporation simple.

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