The Value of a Lawyer When a Loved One Passes

By: tb_chats | Posted: 08th April 2010

Actually a lawyer can be especially valuable before a love one passes. Consulting with an attorney when putting together a will can do much to ease the transition that a spouse or family will go through at the time of death of a love one. Ensuring that the will reflects the wishes of the decedent, is in the proper format and that it can be swiftly probated is especially important.

Another important document that a lawyer can assist with is a living will. Deciding in advance what kind of treatment you want when at the end of life or permanently unconscious can relieve a tremendous amount of pressure on the family.

You Have Enough To Worry About

When a family loses a loved one there is obviously a time of grief and the world of everyday life just isn’t the same. Simple things like preparing meals or cleaning or shopping are difficult enough. Throw in a crush of relatives and friends and the world is just upside down for a while and you don’t want to have to deal with the bureaucracy associated with death.

Having an attorney that is experienced and that you trust can prove invaluable when dealing with the requirements to respond to changes in property titles, property taxes, income taxes, changes in bank accounts and other notifications. Having someone who knows how the system works, a system you may be totally unfamiliar with can greatly ease the transition.

Probably the greatest value a lawyer can offer after death is guiding the estate through probate. If an issue arises an experienced attorney can represent the estate and is the best assurance that the will is executed as intended by the decedent.

The Value Continues

After the death of a spouse a new challenge arises and that’s the will of the surviving spouse. His or her circumstances have changed and it is time to update their will. The attorney can do this and again insure that the document accurately reflects the wishes of the spouse and is in his or her best interest.

This article is informational only and not legal advice.

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