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By: Usafis | Posted: 26th March 2010

Referred to as Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, green card lottery is approved by the congress and administered yearly. Based on the law called Immigration Act of 1990, this aimed to help people of underdeveloped country to enjoy the maximum benefits of living in US. They provide green cards to those people who are under represented in the country with few US immigrants. Every year the government is giving away fifty five thousands of green card to those who can fulfill the simple requirements. They are actually selected by using a computer generated lottery machine. This is considered as the easiest way if you want to get a Green-Card as long as you meet criteria.
There are six regions as to where the US Green Card is evenly distributed. There is also maximum number of people for each country. As a rule, they don't give this to countries where there are fifty thousand of them have come to the US within five years. There is no country that receives about 7% of the total number of visas every year. If you happen to be awarded with Green card then you live and work in the country legally. You can bring along your wife and all children who are unmarried and with the age below 21.

In the eligibility section, you will be asked where you are born and educational attainment. They would also look into the work experience that you had. You need to be born on the countries that are included on the list. You need to be at least a high school graduated or has 2 years work experience. If you want to know if you are eligible, there are websites that you can check out. Remember that you are qualified if you fulfill the criteria that is enumerated by the department so you can take part of the program.
They use an electronic device so you can be assured that the selection process is efficient and safe. The application needs to be filled up in a manner required in order to be qualified. There would be a number that is assigned to you so it is easier to track your application form. Since it is so easy to apply, any small error on the application form can lead to its rejection. It is a good idea to seek for help like This is a website that can help you and your family in participating in the wonderful opportunity.
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